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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Here are my three writing ideas:

  1. Explainer: How I used cherry-pick to solve a Git issue with Forking workflow

    Something that I recently worked on. I want to write it down so that it could be useful to others.

  2. Explainer: What are Node.js Streams?

    I feel Node.js streams are something people rarely talk about. And it's a mystery for most. I want to share whatever information I have gained about them.

  3. Project: Integrating a payment-gateway in an e-commerce website (Focus on Backend part)

    For a long time, I've worked with payment gateways. I want to create a project that people can used as a reference by people who might be new to e-commerce.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Great ideas here! I know from personal experience that the explainer you described would be super valuable :)

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Estee Tey

Agree with you that Node.js Streams is a concept that not many people talks about, looking forward to hearing your perspective of it! ✨

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As someone who still struggles with NodeJS streams, 2 sounds awesome!

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Xavier Jouvenot

Great ideas ! I personally feel more concerned by the one about Git, since I don't do a lot of web development 😄

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Denis Woldemariam

All three are superb ideas to write about. I am particularly interested to read about your idea mainly because I just started an eCommerce website project. I will be looking forward to reading your articles