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Starting with Code More Challenge 2021

Code More
Till Now: 1.Learnt java and python in college.
2. Started with web dev 3 weeks ago.
3. So far I have learnt HTML,CSS and some JS.
I have been pretty consistent except 2 or 3 days when I went out with
My friends. I found out pretty good resources out of which following I liked the most :
1.MDN Documentation
2.Zach’s full-stack roadmap series.

  1. Tanay Pratap’s Neog Camp. 4.Brad TRaversy Youtube Channel.

I am most unhappy that I take breaks every 45 minutes, that is I am unable to concentrate for more than 45 minutes on the go. I want to sit for long coding hours.I know what I have to do but still, I am unable to do so. No accountability.

Long Term Goal : To become full stack developer JS based.
I have a goal to use MERN stack i.e MongoDB , Express.js, React
And Node.js to build full stack web and mobile apps. To get started with this stack, I know I have to learn 3 basics which are HTML, CSS and Modern Javascript.

Short Term Goal : To master CSS layout using Flexbox and Grid, getting started with Javascript in the next 5 weeks.
I am going to complete this by using 2 very good courses by wesbos, MDN documentation and then doing challenges from frontend mentors and dec challenges,.io. After that for JS, I will be starting Brad Traversy’s Modern Javascript course on Udemy.
This will prepare me to create base to start learning MERN stack, starting with React.

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