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Today's Agenda 12/5

Being a university student, I also get assignments along with learning web dev. Right now I have 3 back to back assignments, one on python and the other using java.
So I am going to give priority to my assignments so I am able to complete them asap. But I don't want to stop learning web dev because consistency is key to learning. Hence till I complete my assignments, I will be starting my day with university assignment but before going to bed I will at least give half an hour to web dev even more if possible. I will be documenting myself here as I have started the Code More challenge.
## So for today, I am going to do the following tasks in decreasing priority :

  1. Brushing up how to read and write on text files using python.
  2. Learning about lists and tuples in Python.
  3. Read python docs about strings and dictionary.
  4. Make some common CSS layouts using Flexbox from by Wes Bos.

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