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Why do we need an IP proxy?

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With the advancement and development of the Internet industry, proxy IP is gradually becoming a gadget used daily in the industry. People who have used a proxy IP are well aware of its importance at work. Of course, there are many people around us who know very little about this emerging technology. In fact, as long as you know what the IP address is, the proxy IP is easy to understand.

IP address is the only identity address and identity credential required for Internet access. Its existence is to connect the computer network to communicate with each other, and with him our computers can connect to the Internet and transmit information. The IP address of a device that can connect to the Internet is a number, which contains network address information and host address.

Generally, a computer has only one IP address, which seems to be unique. But for network workers, there are undoubtedly many limitations in the work. Why do you say this, because many websites will set up supervision mechanisms to prevent excessive access to IP addresses in order to protect information and the normal operation of the background. Once the permissions set by the website are exceeded, corresponding measures will be taken, and in serious cases, the IP address will be blocked, so that the website cannot be accessed and the desired information is not fully obtained.

The proxy IP is an intermediate platform in our Internet process, which is accessed by the local computer first, and then the proxy IP accesses the target website page. Therefore, the access record on this page is the address of the proxy IP, not the local IP.

So in the current environment of endless network IP proxies, how to screen the best service for yourself?

To enjoy the best quality IP proxy services, the proxy protocol is indelible.

Proxy IP can be divided into http protocol proxy, https protocol proxy and socket5 proxy according to the protocol.

Regarding the HTTP protocol proxy, it is only used for forwarding, and its working principle is that the proxy server is contacted by the local machine first. Then the server requests, accesses the target website server to parse the data, and finally returns the data to the machine.

About the HTTPS protocol proxy, it belongs to the encryption protocol proxy. It works by means that after the local computer sends a request to the proxy server, the proxy server verifies the user name and password in the request, then connects to the server of the target website, and finally returns the encrypted data transmitted back to the local machine.

Regarding socket5 proxy, it is an encryption protocol proxy. The difference from HTTPS is that sockets5 sends binary code that indicates the request type and meaning. It can access the HTTP protocol website, and can also access the HTTPS protocol website. The similarity is that the encrypted data is returned when accessing the https protocol website, and the data is returned without encryption when accessing the http protocol website.

The reasons why our product IP2world chose to apply the socks5 proxy protocol is also clear. First of all, since proxy servers act as relays between devices and the Internet, they can easily bypass Internet blocks. Second, it is not limited by programs, protocols, or traffic. Third, unlike its predecessor, which only used the TCP protocol, SOCKS5 proxy servers can use the UDP protocol, ensuring reliable connections and efficient performance. Fourth, the SOCKS5 proxy server does not rewrite packet headers, which reduces errors and is easily identified. Finally, SOCKS5 is faster than other proxies because it transmits smaller packets. Therefore, it offers faster download speeds, which is why many users use it to connect to P2P sharing websites and platforms.

In addition to the guarantee brought to you in terms of agreements, the advantages of our products are also particularly obvious.

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions
We support multiple concurrency so you can easily scale your online projects. Some other proxy providers may charge extra for additional concurrent sessions, but at IP2World, we don't limit your work.

Precisely City-Level Targeting
Our network of residential proxy covers 220+ locations and offers country, state and city-level geo-targeting. IP2World proxies help access geo-restricted content from specific locations at no additional cost.

Powerful Proxy Management
We support downloading software integration, and you can manage your residential IPs through local add-ons. View detailed proxy usage statistics, and manage your account from one dashboard.

Optimal Price & Recharge Flexibly
Tens of millions of IPs are available to use, even a single IP can enjoy the optimal price without additional costs. According to business needs, choose suitable IPs plan, control the remaining IPs at any time, and your balance of IPs never expires.

Higher Speed & Success Rate
Dynamic residential proxies can imitate the behavior of multiple organic users and provide strong encryption to ensure highest anonymity, avoiding issues such as blocking access. IP2World proxy is one of fastest proxies on the market, with an average response time of 0.6 seconds.

Dedicated Technical Support
Professional technical team runs a 24/7 working comprehensive monitoring system to maintain stable IP pools. Worldwide all-day-round exclusive customer service solves the problem for you and ensures your projects run smoothly and perfectly.

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This concludes this introduction. For other IP issues, please join the official Telegram channel @ip2world to check the latest updates or contact customer service to solve them.
Business cooperation contact: Telegram@ip2worldcs

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