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Choosing Between Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla is a very popular brand name. When people think of EVs, they think of Tesla. The company’s lineup of vehicles has elevated electric cars into the mainstream culture. And efforts of CEO Elon Musk made EVs accessible for anyone looking to switch to a more environment-friendly mode of transportation. Two of Tesla’s most popular cars are the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. But what are the differences between them? Which one serves what purpose? Read on to find out.


Room is the most notable difference between two models. The Model 3 is a sedan, while the Model Y is a crossover SUV. Essentially, it’s a smaller SUV. Still, Model Y has overall more room both in the interior and in the cargo.

With that being said, Model 3 is still a fairly spacious car, with enough room for four adults and a good amount of luggage. If passenger and luggage room is important for you, Model Y might be a better choice.


Tesla Model 3 costs start at $38,000. Arguably, it is one of the most affordable cars in general. The fact that it’s an EV is just a great cherry on top. If you want to spend a bit more for more elevated interior, you should check out Tesla model 3 dashboard replacement upgrades.

The Model Y, on the other hand, starts at around $50,000. Some buyers might be put off by its price. Budget is definitely something to consider when making your decision. If you're on a tighter budget and you don’t need benefits of model Y, the Model 3 might be the better choice for you.


Both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are incredibly impressive in terms of performance. They both offer quick acceleration, responsive handling, and a smooth ride. However, the Model Y does have the edge when it comes to power. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, compared to the Model 3's 5.3 seconds. If you're looking for a car with a bit more kick, the Model Y might be the way to go.


Range is a painful topic of discussion for EVs. Both models offer impressive ranges, especially considering their price. On full charge, Model 3 can go up to 358 miles, while model Y can go respectable 326 miles.
Model Y covers shorter distance because it’s smaller and a heavier car.


Final point Is each car’s style and appearance. The Model 3 is a sleek and sporty sedan, while the Model Y is a more rugged and versatile crossover. Both are great, but they are made for different use-cases. Which one looks better is ultimately for you to decide. Model 3 has more stylish look, while Model Y is more standard yet still beautiful.

Fusion Motors sells accessories for both Model 3 and Model Y. You can install them to further elevate the style of your Tesla car.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, you need to make decision based on what you’re looking for from an electric car. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The key is to figure out your priorities – is it room for passengers and cargo? Then go for model Y. If you prefer speed and performance, go with Tesla Model 3. Even this summary is an oversimplification.

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