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Dynamics NAV Support Moves Out – How to Find a Solution

Dynamics NAV support is reaching the end of its life cycle. Starting January 10, 2023, the latest version of NAV, 2018, will no longer provide Mainstream Support for users. There is also bad news for Extended Support: it will move out in 2028.

What if you still use Navision as your main ERP? In this article, well look at all the ins and outs related to the maintenance continuation and migration to new modules.

What Do You Need to Know about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Lifecycle

According to Microsofts lifecycle policy, each product version is supported for 10 years. Users of various modules get 5 years of Mainstream Support and another 5 years of Extended Support. Lets see what it means.

Mainstream Support

It is a basic package aimed at ensuring that your stem system stays up-to-date and operates without bugs. Here are three key features of this service:

  • Security updates. Your ERP must remain fully protected. Regular updates keep the app secure and help prevent unauthorized access and data leakage.
  • Non-security updates. You get regular improvements that fix bugs and optimize your apps overall performance. They ensure that your software remains reliable and efficient.
  • Product change requests. If you want to change the features or design of the system, thats not a problem. For 5 years, you may turn to specialists and count on their professional assistance.

Extended Support

It helps maintain your ERP for the next 5 years. It keeps your software secure even after the main cycle is over. It includes a set of updates related to the security of modules and data. This way, you protect your system from the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Moreover, it affects the operation in the long run and allows you to keep your companys confidential data safe.

How to Continue Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support for Users?

As you see, Microsoft is stopping cycles for all versions. However, there are solutions to keep your program up-to-date, secure, and functioning well.

Hire Consultants

If you want to keep your progressive software in its existing form, the first option is to hire a personal consultant. We offer assistance with all versions of Navision, even the oldest versions. It applies not only to security improvements. Our NAV developers customize and adjust the program to meet your needs. This approach allows you to extend the life of your ERP and keep all your data secure.

Migrate to D365 Business Central

The next version of Navision is Business Central. It is an improved variant with new features and benefits. It is a truly revolutionary ERP that runs on the cloud. It provides access to information for all team members on different devices. Trust us if you are considering this option but are worried about the migration and data transfer processes. Our migration services will help you cope with all the stages and successfully upgrade to a new ERP.

Key Differences between NAV & Business Central

Both platforms have an extensive toolkit for the smooth management of all processes. They help you track operations and stay on top of all the details in your company. So, whats the difference between the modules? Lets take a look at the main points:


Dynamics BC to move away from the traditional 10-year life cycle. In return, the module receives improvements and updates as a cloud product. It also has no version names.


NAVs licensing is more traditional and is generally purchased upfront. In contrast, Business Central offers a subscription-based model, which may be more affordable and flexible. So you pay monthly to continue using it.


BC is primarily cloud-based. This way, it allows easier access from anywhere and provides security and regular updates. Navision, historically on-premise, requires additional setup and maintenance to run on the cloud.

Staying on Microsoft Dynamics NAV VS Migrating to Business Central

Many people favor migrating to new software, arguing that its because of innovative cloud features, regular updates, and an improved experience. However, lets not be so unequivocal. We advise you to focus on your teams comfort, budget, and basic needs. Of course, Business Central will significantly improve your capacity and take your companys management to the next level. Nevertheless, if Navision fully meets your needs and standards, our specialists will keep your ERP in order and enjoy your processes without any obstacles.

How to Choose The Best NAV Consultant

If you have decided to stay with the usual system, it is time to take care of a skills consultant to solve all your problems. Use a few tips to find the best match and work with a specialist with a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience:

  • First of all, define your query. Do you want to get a module health check or take care of its security? Set your goal to find the best specialist for the job.
  • Check the consultants experience and certification to confirm this expertise. A background in your or related industries would be an advantage.
  • Make sure of quality communication. Communication skills are of great importance, so when choosing a specialist, pay attention to his manner of communication and mutual understanding. This will ensure the smooth running of the project.

If you want to cooperate with the best experts, contact us. Thanks to a large database, we are guaranteed to find the perfect MS consultants to maintain your ERP at the highest level.

Dynamics NAV Support FAQ

How Do I Get Technical Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support upon the End of Extended Support?

You can receive help in all matters from certified specialists. We offer reliable assistance with your software, including fixing technical issues and adopting security measures.

Can I Still Get Dynamics NAV Support once Extended Support Is Over?

After Extended Support ends, official aid from Microsoft stops. This means no more updates or security patches. Its a good idea to plan to upgrade a module or find reliable assistants to maintain your system.

What Should I Do if My Dynamics NAV Is Running Slow?

If your ERP is running slowly, check your network connection first. Also, make sure it is protected and safe. If the problem is not solved, you may contact us for an ERP health check to find the best solution.

Find Reliable Experts with Us and Continue Your Dynamics NAV Support

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