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Coding newbie confession session

When I first became interested in coding, I had no idea where to start. I saw how this field had transformed peoples lives, and feeling stuck in my profession, had to give it a try. I began by trying to watch videos and copying what I saw. I know this has worked for many other new developers, but I never felt like I understood what was going on. I copied what I saw in these videos, without actually understanding, and having no one to ask questions or work with. Everyone who has learned this way is a whole other level of strong! I learned that this journey is not something that should be done alone.
Now I am a part of two groups that are teaching me to code. While doing the work and having a full time job can feel overwhelming, I am always looking forward to classes and assignments because I am actually learning! There are so many communities on twitter and slack that are very supportive to all new learners. All the coding newbies out there, don't do it alone! If you didn't know, know you know!
I am currently learning CSS. No one told me styling a page could be this complicated, but I'm having lots of fun going through trial and error working on my projects. Floats are challenging, but thanks to the communities I am a part of I have lots of resources that have helped me overcome those hard to solve problems. Realizing how complicated CSS is made me a little nervous for what is to come (javascript specifically) but I know with some practice and a lot of teamwork, it'll get done! I am excited to continue on this journey. The right way this time, with community and support.
I look forward to building community with y'all, and continuing on this path together.
Happy coding everyone!

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So happy to have you in this community!