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Things you need to know about Artificial Intelligence Course

About Artificial Intelligence Course

This AI course developed in collaboration with IBM will introduce participants to blended education, and helps them prepare to become specialists with AI as well as Data Science. IBM is located within Armonk, New York, is a major cognitive services and cloud-based solution provider that offers a variety of technology and consulting services. IBM invests around $6 billion in research and development every year. The company has been awarded five Nobel prizes, nine US National Medals of Technology, five US National Medals of Science as well as Six Turing Awards, and ten US Inventors Hall of Fame inductions. IBM is the leader in AI as well as Machine Learning technology, and is expected to be a leader in the field by 2021. In this AI training course will help students prepare for jobs within Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

How can I expect in this Artificial Intelligence course

produced by Simplilearn, in collaboration with IBM?
You will receive certifications issued by IBM and Simplilearn after completing these AI-related courses. These certificates are a testament to your skills of an expert AI. You will also be awarded the following certificates:

  • Masterclass led by IBM experts

  • I'm always willing to answer questions during meetings with IBM the IBM leadership

  • Hackathons hosted by IBM

  • The most prestigious Artificial Intelligence Course from Simplilearn

AI Course Learning Path

1. Course 1
The Introduction Course to Artificial Intelligence Course
The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to help students unravel the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence and applications in business. This AI for beginners course gives details on AI concepts and processes including machine training, deep-learning and performance metrics.

2. Course 2
Applied Data Science with Python
Its Data Science with Python course will give you an in-depth outline of Python's tools and techniques for data analytics. The ability to learn python is a vital ability for many jobs in data science, and you can learn it by taking this Python course in data science. Through a blended learning method it is possible to learn Python to study data science along with concepts such as maths, data wrangling and much other. Make your way to a career as an expert in data science by utilizing SimpleLearn's Data Science with Python training.

3. Course 3
Machine Learning
Make sure your career is successful Make sure you are successful in your career with your career with this Machine Learning course. Discover the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence with a program with Applied Learning, interactive labs with four hands-on tasks, as well as mentoring. Through our Machine Learning instruction, you will be able to learn Machine Learning principles are essential to earn an Machine Learning certification. The Machine Learning online course will equip you with the knowledge required to be an effective Machine Learning Engineer today.

4. Course 4
Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow
The Deep Learning course with TensorFlow certification is designed by top industry experts and is aligned with the most recent best practices. You'll learn the concepts of deep learning and model by using Keras along with TensorFlow frameworks with the TensorFlow course. Learn how to implement deep learning algorithms through our TensorFlow course and prepare for the job of an Deep Learning Engineer. Earn our Deep Learning certification and gain an advantage over your competitors during your next interview.

5. Course 5
AI Capstone Project
The Simplilearn AI Capstone Project will give the opportunity to apply the techniques you've learned during this Artificial Intelligence course. Through dedicated coaching sessions you'll be able to tackle a real-world industry issue. This project is the final step on your learning journey and will enable you showcase your skills to prospective employers.

The price to register for the course is $962. As low as $80.17/mo.

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