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Java or Kotlin in 2022? Whats easier and better for Android app developing ️?

Last time I needed to write an Android app, even though I already knew Java, I still went with Kotlin :D
I’d rather work in a language I don’t know than… Java… and yes, I know a decent Java IDE can auto-generate this code - but this only solves the problem of writing the code, it doesn’t solve the problem of having to read it, which happens a lot more than writing it.

I mean, which of the below conveys the programmer’s intent more clearly, and which one would you rather read when you forget what a part of the program does and need a refresher:

Image description

Even if both of them required no effort to write… the Java version is pure brain poison.

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Andrew Baisden

Google use Kotlin as default for modern Android apps so thats the best path to go down if you plan on using a native codebase.

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Justice Author

That's great thanks a lot