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Reflecting on my #CNC2022 Code More journey...

Name: Krishnan (KC)

Title: Front-end newbie

#CNC2022 Cohort: "Code More" Cohort 1

Code More" Goal: Code more | code consistently | Get a full-time coding job.


I'm KC and I've always liked technology and graphic design although I'm no designer! At some point I decided follow a new path in my professional life and I've been learning to code. I hope someday (soon) to become a front-end web developer.🀞🏾

I joined the challenge to code more and hopefully to connect with others who share similar interests & goals.

Comment on mission's post:

Hi all. I'm KC and I'm based in the UK.

I joined the challenge to become more consistent with my learning to code and to meet other like minded folks.

Learning in a structured way i.e. carving out time and working on deliverables has worked for me in the past but the hardest part was working in isolation. It's hard to get motivated when it's just myself learning.

I'm hoping to improve on my coding specifically doing more intermediate/advanced bits of HTML/CSS but also in particular to get to grips with Javascript. So alongside the learning I'm wanting to work on a few projects and the aim long term is get a job in the industry.

Anyway thanks for reading, hoping to connect with others and happy coding.

Mission 1

For me this was about defining my goals, my assumptions on how to reach these and also what's my motivation.

Starting this challenge felt good like with most things new. What surprised me is that overall I've managed to keep up with my coding throughout.

As for maintaining motivation and overcoming challenging parts were and are still the hardest bits I suppose.
I sometimes need to remind myself that I need to be patient with myself and if I persevere... it will pay off in the end.😊

Comment on mission's post:

  1. I want to code more because:

    • I would like to get a job as front-end web designer and developer.
  2. I know I’ll have reached my β€œcode more” goal when:

    • Completed the Wes Bos Javascript course.
    • Completed Portfolio site.
    • Completed three projects that showcase my ability with HTML/CSS/JS.
  3. My top three assumptions for reaching my goal are:

    • Having the discipline to code consistently.
    • Overcoming challenging parts.
    • Maintaining the motivation.

Mission 2

Mission 2 was about breaking my challenges into manageable tasks and creating a master list.

I used GitHub projects for the first time and created my master task list. This was really great overall. I broke down my goals into small manageable junks as per the mission and started working through these. I have been able to code more and consistently!

Comment on mission's post:

Hi all, I'm a bit behind posting this even though I have created schedule which I have so far followed okay.

1. Tell us about how your first work session for this mission went. What did you accomplish and learn?
For the first week I had four sets of tasks which I managed to complete.
Three were coding tasks for my portfolio site and one was a JS learning task.

Having short targets that I can aim for and complete makes it easier to get things done. I can see what I have accomplished and that gives me motivation to move onto the next one.

2. Share a screenshot or photo of your planning board/calendar/journal
I started using GitHub Projects for the first time to track/schedule task.
Screenshot of Task List

Mission 3

Mission 3 was all about iterating and adapting.

I changed my work environment (going into the library where I could focus) and changed my goals (as they evolved).

Comment on mission's post:

Confession: I completely forgot to post my Mission #3 on this thread!! So I have retro-actively gone to my notes and posted my Mission #3 comments. πŸ€ͺ

1. Tell us what you plan to do differently in your next coding session
I go to the library where I have a couple of hours in the morning where it's quiet and most importantly distraction free.

2. How is your coding momentum right now? Give us an update on how you're feeling.
So creating the task list has been great. I've have tried working through a list before but it never taken. However, this time I have created short goals which I aim to complete in a week.

So looking back when I wrote these comments in my notes and comparing the the tasks I had then. Wow, I have completed all those goals and then some. That feels great!

Mission 4

This was about taking a step back and revisiting my goals.

While my goals remain the same, the tasks have been adapted and streamlined. I do need to reflect more but overall I am quite pleased with the progress I have made.

Comment on mission's post:

1. Do you feel you are making progress towards your longterm goals?
Yes for the most part. I am working through my task list. I do get stuck but so far I tried my best to stick with goals that are

  • short;
  • achievable;
  • meaningful;
  • and also ones that challenge my ability.

2. Tell us about any changes you want to make to your coding plan.
Not much TBH. I've added a category to tasks that I may not necessarily want to do but can be reviewed later. Some of these then get added to my "todo" category.
I guess the only part that needs a change is more consistent time slot when I code. At the moment I bit all over the place.

Sticking to it

I sticking to the task lists on GitHub projects - that's working well.

The weird thing and I'm not sure how best to explain this...
Completing small achievable tasks feels good AND as a result just keeps driving me forward. So sticking to it does not feel hard. πŸ€

Biggest Challenges

The biggest obstacle is always trying to overcome self doubt and unrealistic expectations. The only bits of advice I can offer is have a buddy or someone you are comfortable with to talk with AND always remember to be kind to yourself.


The favourite bits of the challenge for me were the interaction from posts both from myself and others, working through the 2nd Mission (which really kick-started my ability to code more) and finally some of the mission email resources I found to be thoughtful and motivating!

Overall Reflections

I'm feeling good and really glad I stumbled upon #CNC2022. I want to do another one!!

What's next for me

I'm working a small website for a friend of friend! I'm super excited.

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Ana Vela

That's awesome you are working on a website for someone! Having smaller tasks to work on really does help with motivation and sticking with it. Best wishes with your goals and continued learning!

kc profile image

Tks @anavela. 😊
Likewise, all the best on your coding journey!🀞🏾

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Larry Martin • Edited

Hi KC! Your commitment to structured learning and pushing beyond isolation is commendable. Keep coding consistently and tackling those advanced HTML/CSS and JavaScript challenges. You are on track to achieving your goal as a front end web developer.
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