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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Khloe Brown • Edited on

Hello, Hello 👋

I was able to narrow down my list to the following three ideas:

  • Project Progress: Save the Bees! A “project” blog that is a series of updates on a website I’m creating to promote information and ways to conserve the natural honey bee population.
  • A Responsive Navbar in 3 Styles A “tutorial” blog to show readers how to make a navigation bar in a few different ways for a mobile viewport that’s UI friendly.
  • Is College Worth It? An “explainer” blog to discuss my experience and recall other’s experience with going to college for web design or development versus other means of learning code in today’s world of knowledge and resources.
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Estee Tey

All are great ideas! 🐝