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How many levels in Coreball?

Coreball is an engaging internet-based game that draws inspiration from the renowned AA Game. Is your score on the leaderboard the highest? Please proceed with the registration process immediately.

The primary goal of the Coreball game is to successfully throw the ball into the coreball without making contact with any of the surrounding balls. The effective execution of a ball throw will result in progression to the subsequent stage. Upon its initial release, the game presented a simplistic notion whereby a central ball would revolve inside the confines of the screen. In order to initiate the rotation of the gadget, it is necessary to throw the "coreball" over a predetermined arrangement of other balls. Players have the opportunity to advance through a total of 60 stages inside the game. Nevertheless, the game has just undergone a comprehensive revision and enlargement, resulting in a substantial increase in its scope to a remarkable 91 levels. These stages are replete with a wide range of diverse and captivating locations, ensuring a highly immersive and stimulating gaming experience. Would you like to assess your skills?

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