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Estee Tey
Estee Tey

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What kind of learner are you?

As a CodeNewbie, a common means of learning here is to:

  • read articles to improve your knowledge,
  • and later write your own to internalize your learning.

However I want to point out explicitly that...

Your learning style could be a reason why you feel that you are not learning as much as you intend to despite doing the actions above.

How you learn affects heavily how much you are enjoying the stuff you learn and the pace that you are learning them.

There are 4 common learner archetypes according to the VARK model (Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, Kinesthetic).

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And this is my subjective take on it in the context of CodeNewbies.

  1. Visual πŸ–ΌοΈ
    • For visual learners, pictures are especially louder than words for them.
    • Including images such as charts, screenshots, memes (use with precaution) in articles will help these learners learn better. Break down into bullet points instead of giving text walls.
  2. Auditory πŸ’¬
    • Most people think in words rather than pictures. For auditory learners, they take this same process to the external world to learn.
    • They would be the main supporters of podcasts, audiobooks and narrated tech videos.
  3. Reading/Writing πŸ“
    • The nature of programming languages meant that **there is no running away from text, articles and documentation for learning the syntax and concepts of programming. Every CodeNewbie has a side of a Reading/Writing Learner.
    • However, with how static text can be, it will be great if every writer puts in more thought in how and why they are writing articles for their target audience.
    • Also, consider that the speed of reading is faster than listening, that there are learning platforms popping up which build their systems based on this fact such as, codeacademy etc.
  4. Kinesthetic πŸ™Œ
    • The hands-on learners!
    • By hands-on, it may differ from person to person on whether they learn effectively by following a tutorial guide in hands-on or they experiment for themselves. They tend to like to be engaged in a longer session compared to a normal reading article for just 1 topic.

Aside from the VARK model of learner archetypes, there's also another renowned categorization of learners illustrated as an infographic by Funders & Founders.

You can see there's some overlap of learner types, but knowing what helps to learn better is beneficial for you in choosing the resources you pursue in the limited time that you have set aside for productivity. And of course, you could be a mix of the archetypes! You may prefer having a mix of different mediums to spice up your learning ✨

So what archetype are you? And what else do you want to see CodeNewbie to help you improve your learning experience? Let's discuss~ 🎡

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Bryce Rohrer

I’m definitely more visual, it’s just how my brain works.

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

is that why there are lasers coming out of your eyes? ✨ just kidding! also, i'm keen to know if you have cool projects/resources that particularly caught your eye that you would like to share!

bryceroars profile image
Bryce Rohrer

In terms of "code" learning resources, I'm working through the odin project and Free code camp responsive web design certificate.Check those out!

redsirion profile image
Rina Florijn

I'm a kinesthetic scribbler?
I'm bad at registering what I read so I tend write summaries to remember better. After that, I go to work and start tinkering, using my notes as a basis.
I'm learning now via the Odin Project. When I come to a point where I lack knowledge on a certain topic, I go through the relevant lessons at Free Code Camp.

jharwalpriyant profile image
Priyant Jharwal

student really learn better from it Really nice information

loeweskyle profile image
Skyler Loewe • Edited

I enjoyed reading the article on different learning methods as it helped me understand my learning style better. The article highlighted the importance of identifying one's learning style and customizing the learning approach accordingly. I found the section on visual learners particularly insightful as it explained how visual aids can significantly improve the learning experience for people who prefer to learn through visuals. I can recommend to everyone this site to help students with their homework. I`m always glad to provide additional resources for students who may need assistance with their studies. Overall, I believe that finding the best learning method is crucial for effective learning, and the article provided valuable insights on how to identify and utilize different learning styles. I wish everyone the best in finding their ideal learning method and achieving their academic goals.

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

Thank you! :D

samaliie profile image
irenefenswick profile image

Nice article, thanks!
In my opinion, it is better to use different learning methods in a collaborative manner. For example, people who study music often read notes and listen to recordings at the same time. This way, they work with both audio and text.
The same principle applies to other disciplines. Combining theoretical knowledge, experiments, and real-life experience can go a long way. Learners should utilize methods that align with their study habits and preferences when approaching new subjects, but also be sure to travel outside their comfort zone.