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McKenna Bramble
McKenna Bramble

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The Occasional Update - no.2

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✨ Hello ✨

How is everyone? Hanging in there? Remember to take a little time for your wonderful self! My plans got a little derailed this week. But I promise - it was for a good reason!

⭐ Let's see how I did on my goals for this past week:
β˜‘οΈ Post my Week in Review - Ep 2 by Sunday, July 24th
πŸ”² Complete Lessons 7 and 8 of my React course
β˜‘οΈ Post about my responsive website project

πŸ—“οΈ An overview of this week

As I get closer to my goal of landing a full-time job as a frontend developer, bills unfortunately still exist. So this week the majority of my time was spent delivering with DoorDash (which is its own frustration) with little time left for coding.

I found myself with a couple hours on Tuesday morning. I opened up my React lesson, ready to go. And then I got a text from a client!!! About two months ago I did some design work for them, and even though they mentioned having work for me in the future, it had been two months, so I wasn't holding out hope. Turns out they need a website! So I re-shifted my focus. I have been wanting to learn more about Webflow to see if it is a good option for building client websites, so I decided now was the time to explore the popular CMS (content management system).

I am still in the thick of it, and have already run into things about Webflow that confuse me πŸ’€. As I'm working through my first project, though, I am also noting the things that I think might be helpful to know for others trying Webflow for the first time. I will be posting that later this week.

πŸŽ‰ My win this week

Got that good good client! πŸ₯³

πŸ“– Something interesting I read

I read an article on The ReadME Project written by Cassidy Williams (@cassidoo) called Functional Programming 101.

This article was actually really helpful for me. As I have been learning React, specifically when rendering array data models, there are a lot of steps that seem rather redundant to me. I know I only think the code is redundant because I can't yet fully conceptualize every single thing that the code is doing, but still, I want answers! For some reason, the following quote made something click.

"Data is immutable: If you want to change data, such as an array, you return a new array with the changes, not the original."

When rendering an array data model, you create a callback function that will accept the original array as an argument. Then, you map over the original array to get the values from the callback function to then produce a new array of those returned values πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«. I already understand what each step does, but the why has been a bit more elusive. But after reading the article, it makes more sense to me. We want the original data to stay original. And we want each function to focus on one change to the original data.

"...functional programming prefers tiny, modular functions that do one part of a larger job!"

AHA!!!! Am I really getting it? Do I now understand the POWER of React? Do I know the inner workings of our universe? Ok ok, I am getting ahead of myself. The point is, while some of this article went over my head, some of it went into my head and made 🌈connections🌈.

πŸ“Ί What I watched this week

The Bob's Burgers Movie is streaming on Hulu and HBO Max now. My partner and I watched it, and it was good! The animation was a little more 3D than the show's animation, but it was a good upgrade IMHO (unlike season four of Attack on Titan, yikes).

Image of the main Bob's Burgers characters

photo credit Tilt Magazine

⭐ My goals for next week (the week of July 25th)

  1. Complete my first Webflow project and publish a blog post about Webflow first steps
  2. Have my client meeting, determine the cost of the project, set up a schedule for deliverables.
  3. MAYBE POSSIBLY do lesson 7 of my React course???

THANK YOU for reading!

πŸ€” Have y'all consumed any content recently that resulted in an AHA? Or perhaps content that just made you laugh/cry/ponder your existence?

Top comments (4)

dennistobar profile image
Dennis Tobar


I've never seen a DoorDash here (I'm from outside the US); it is like an Uber delivery, right?.

About your progress, I consider this could be helpful because there are array functions destructive (modifies the array) and non-destructive (return a new array). These functions come from Javascript and not React :)

I'm currently doing a Coursera Grade about Python (I know some python, this coure will help me to write better -and for humans- code).

About movies... mmmm, I want to see Thor at the cinema, but I didn't see the previous Marvel movies. At home, I watched Volcano -yup, I like old movies-.

See you next week :)

mckennabramble profile image
McKenna Bramble

OMG the array methods as emojis post is great! Thank you for sharing that :) Python is definitely something I would like to know better - good luck with finishing the course!
I have been watching the Marvel movies with my partner. I have never watched them, so they made me start from the beginning πŸ˜‚ We recently watched the second Spider Man movie, so we have a few to get through before watching the new Thor, but I am excited for it! I LOVED Thor: Ragnarok.

cassidoo profile image
Cassidy Williams

I'm so glad my article was helpful for you!! Totally made my day :)

I gotta see the Bob's Burgers movie now!

mckennabramble profile image
McKenna Bramble

It was very insightful - thank you for writing it!! Yes, go watch Bob's!!