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Malcolm Mikazuki
Malcolm Mikazuki

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Job Search Blues

So just an update on how my job search is going.. If last week was an all ups then this week was definitely the all downs.

Unfortunately this is how this process goes isn't it especially when it comes to trying to get your first software development job.
They say getting your first job is always the hardest, and boy oh boy I'm starting to realise and feel that now. I can't wait for the phase of once you get the first job out of the way it only gets easier from there πŸ€• .

I had 2 interviews last week that I felt went really positive with the hiring managers. I didn't hear anything in the beginning of the week so I decided to follow up and also reiterate how I had a very keen interest in the organisations and the position I was applying for. But nonetheless I got the replies back stating that they felt other candidates were more suited to the role. Which is probably the 30th time I've heard this. Bare in mind that these are either very Entry level roles or Apprenticeship roles I'm applying for. Not the typical "You need 3+ years experience in a previous Software Development role" tagline that you normally see on these job postings.

I actively avoid applying for those because I instinctively feel that recruiters/hiring managers won't even take a look once they realise on my linkedin/CV that I haven't worked professionally as DEV just yet. But listen, I lost hope a little bit this week. I'm not going to lie, However with the help of my Partner, my coding community and other individuals going through the same thing on Linkedin (I see you out there people!πŸ€“) I was able to slowly crawl back to my Optimistic self.

I'm only using this experience now as fuel to keep going. I'm not going to aggressively apply for the time being as I want to build up more of my technical experience in the backend languages so I can further prove my Full-Stack capabilities. While taking on some Free Lance projects to also help build my experience. And Hey! It's not all doom and gloom, this week I'm officially starting to work on a Project with a startup where I will be paired up with some more Senior devs. So I will also use this experience to help bolster my own coding experience.
(Do stay tuned for my updates on that project! It's going to be very cool πŸ‘ )

I also had a careers session with someone at my Bootcamp today and they had very positive things to say about my CV/Profile/technical abilities thus far while also giving very valid and honest feedback and critique to help improve on these aspects of my DEV profile. So I guess this is where I say the downer experience has now motioned into an upper experience again!

At this time currently Im getting stuck into some API's, relearning some basic Javascript and using some Flask. Next week I will be diving into languages such as Kotlin, JAVA and Python for the Startup project I'm working on.

I hope this article finds you well and acts as a beacon to remind you that if you are also a Junior Dev or a codenewbie on a hunt for their first role is to not give up either. It's tough out there but the world needs more developers out there! Have you seen how many job postings, terrible websites and Apps that need work and improving out there! You are still needed! So keep working, keep getting experience, work on cool projects that will catch the attention of people and surely someone will scoop you for your talent and hardwork that nobody else can or wants to do!

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Thanks for reading,

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Kat Fay

Thanks for sharing Malcolm, I'm not at the stage of applying yet but I feel alllllllll the impatience and self-doubt about putting in so many hours learning to code and putting myself out there (imposter syndrome much?!) on the faith that effort + practice + chasing opportunities = something will happen down the track. Even though I haven't walked that walk yet, other developers say it only takes one yes, and it sounds like you are doing everything you can to make that 'yes' happen. πŸ‘πŸΌ As well as a positive approach. So I just wanted to encourage you to keep going πŸ’ͺ🏻 and to listen to your partner and community's encouragement! (and to thank you for sharing - I feel less alone) Gonna follow your journey on Twitter now. Cheers! Kat

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Malcolm Mikazuki

Thank you so much for your kind words Kat! It really does mean a lot to me :D!
Comments like these give me hope and let me know that I should keep pushing. Yes it is true, we are not alone, together we can accomplish many things as Devs! Especially with the market today with more and more demand for Devs across the board as we keep practicing and getting better there will be no choice but to hire us for our hard effort once the work begings to show for itself!

As for the imposter syndrome, I say once you have a few good projects under your belt, just try to update your CV reflecting the skills/ languages/ frameworks and relevant experience you have learnt. And start applying, have a feel for the market with the first few calls you have with recruiters, hiring managers, 1st round interviews etc and once you get the practice in , it will feel less daunting.

But yes as we say it only takes one Yes! So keep pushing!πŸ’ͺ🏻


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Kat Fay

Hehe I love this: "it only takes one Yes!". Thanks for the motivation, Malcolm ☺️ And practical advice about the projects and applications. Good ideas. Keep us all posted on your journey.

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Gerson Vasquez

Interesting. Being part of a start up will help you boost your knowledge and experience. Hopefully one day I will be part of one. As of now, I am still learning html, css, javascript and c#.