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Learning Modern JavaScript & JQuery

What's happening my Coding Community!

This week I have been tackling the topics of Modern Javascript and JQuery in my bootcamp course.

Surprisingly as I have stepped on to this part of my Coding journey I have found learning Modern JS and Jquery a tad much easier then learning Vanilla Javascript earlier on in my journey. I guess that may be due to either the simplicity of how these languages/frameworks have been created or to my constant revisiting of Javascript.

Nonthe less since I failed my last Javascript project I have been trying to put in a lot of effort trying to really hone in and learn Javascript properly. I have even been taking physical notes which I probably haven't done since I was in University nearly 8 years ago 😧 .But yes long story short I really want to get the hang of this and try to implement it into future projects.

With Modern JS my findings have made me come across these concepts that have made a lot of sense to me:

  • With Map() being able to Execute a function on all elements.
  • Filter() to filter unwanted elements out.
  • Reduce() to reduce all elements to a single output.

Using these methods and working them against certain arrays I have been able to grasp how these actually pull apart functions in your code and visually sort them for you.

One Example I have is below:

Modern JS example of Capturing Student IDs

Modern JS example of Capturing Student IDs result

From the example above I was able to pull the information of the student ID's I wanted from the array.

Another Example of Filtering Student information I have also below:

Example of Filtering Student information

Example of Filtering Student information

These practical examples I have been working with within Modern JS have helped my understanding a lot. I hope it also helps make a bit more sense to you. For further help with my understanding and studying I have been taking up extra lessons outside of my bootcamp with Net Ninja.
You can find a good source of his material right here:

Now moving on to the Framework JQuery this has also helped simplify a lot of Javascript and how to connect to the dom and manipulate html and CSS directly without having to write too much code. However Upon further investigation and research on JQuery it seems that over the last few years the usage of it has been going down a lot compared to other modern frameworks out there like React and VUE. Although according to Google Trends it is still used a lot out there on millions of websites. I guess it's the same thing with what's happening between Bootstrap and frameworks like TailWindCSS etc.

How do you guys feel about JQuery and its decline, is it something to stick around still for years to come? Should I give up on pursuing JQuery for future projects and just pickup React instead?

I hope this article helped you pick up a bit more understanding of Modern JS like it did for me.

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