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Malcolm Mikazuki
Malcolm Mikazuki

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Working on my 2nd Project: JavaScript Tic Tac Toe!

Hey Guys,

Been a week or 2 but I'm back like I said I would regarding the 2nd Project.

This will be a short post just to document my experience so far of the last 12 days. The challenge of pushing the game out so far has been a bitter/sweet one. On one hand I was able to get everything coded pretty quickly with the assistance of some youtube videos and mentors but by the time it came to submission of my deadline there was an error in the code not allowing the game to function properly to its full potential.

And for me that sucked bigtime. At this moment I'm unable to go and make any more changes on the submission as that will count as cheating on my end and could affect my grade so I will have to wait till marking has been completed on the project till I can make that change again.

All in all this project has been a good learning experience for me in terms of Javascript use. Some of the concepts have now been solidified for me and I know how to use Javascript lines of code to my advantage and the syntax no longer seems foreign to me anymore which is the point!

One thing I can definitely suggest for other newbies out there learning Javascript is that they should try to work on a small project right after they have done a course on it or read through some material as that would be the only way things make sense and stick in your head. Because there is no way your going to understand:

function handleSubmit(event) {
  let p1 = form.elements['password'].value;
  let p2 = form.elements['confirm-password'].value;

  if (p1 !== p2) {
    let errorDiv = document.getElementById('errors');
    errorDiv.innerHTML = "<p>Please ensure your passwords match.</p>"; = 'block';

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If you are not applying it practically to the project you're using.
Making mistakes and then going back and making those changes to make the code work is one of the true and better ways to make concepts stick in your head and help you progress.

As for now I will revisit this blog post and paste the link for the finished game but at this present moment I'm not happy with the outcome so I will postpone publishing it for now.

Until then I'm going to be working on my 3rd Project which is in Python! As you know I did a bit of Python training before my Bootcamp so the language isn't alien to me. However, applying it practically may be another story so I'm going to try my best to produce the best results this time.

Hope you enjoyed this read and stay tuned for the next post.
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Andrew Baisden

Good luck!

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Nice one. what was your first project?