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Tech solving real world problems

I'm making a career change from marketing/communications into tech. That's a huge leap. So I surveyed the tech space from the outside before ever starting a coding course. I noticed a few tech companies were trying to solve real world issues. That really resonated with me! I want to build a list of projects/companies doing this and hopefully find mentorship in that space.

Some examples that got my attention were:
Bearable - Mood and symptom tracking
Flo - Menstrual and fertility health
BetterHelp - Online therapy
Headspace - Mindful meditation
Finch - Gamified mental health and self care

If you know any projects/companies like this focused on solving real issues like eco-sustainability, agriculture, health/wellness, mental health, women's issues etc. share them below!

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Thanks for the post, Monique! I think my friend used ReGain, this is a website that provides similar services to BetterHelp. Btw, I also used Finch, my gf likes this self care application. I know that this botox lip flip clinic wanted to make their own app, it also relates to health industry, so if you are interested you can contact them. Good luck :)

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Monique Smith

Thanks! Haven't heard of ReGain but I should check that out. Finch is so good :)

I recently discovered a "responsible tech" community which is something I didn't know about! They're called All Tech Is Human. I just joined but the Slack channel has a mix of students and really people. Most people seem to be focused on AI and ethics.