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Daniela Morin

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New Ventures & (Mis)adventures in Coding

So I recently started my journey into learning to code and I have some ~thoughts~ on the subject as it is not a very simple subject, rather complex actually. Coding requires focus and attention in a manner that few other activities demand in our fast paced, wired world. These days it's hard to sustain attention longer than a few clicks and quick dopamine rush, let alone focus on one task repetitive task for a long period of time, which is what the process of coding calls for. It can be painstakingly intricate, but in a sort of admirable way. The layers, lines and stylistic choices of code all symbiotically coming together to render a specialized user experience and eye catching design, really gives one pause when you see for yourself the ins and outs of a site. I thought of all the parallels to draw from the triumphs and struggles of the process of writing, debugging and developing sites and that of the every day choices and experiences we all undergo that require a similar combination of creativity and structure, and thought it deserved a moment of thought. Much like the ups and downs of life, particularly the tumultuous time that has been living through a historical event such as the Covid 19 epidemic, coding too has it's own moments of zen, (when you're in the zone and you're code is working as it should) and the more frequent moments of panic and stress that happen when you just can't find what wrong with this one line of code.... It makes me appreciate the ways in which our lives are often structured similarly to the functions and features of coding elements, how our priorities, categories and limitations shift as we restructure our lives in pursuit of wellbeing, wealth, optimizing convenience and efficiency and achieving the all elusive work -life balance or whatever else it is we are all striving towards. The design elements we choose to incorporate into our website, whether it be a wider border margin, a centered image or a colorful background, often mirror the choices we make day to day and ultimately come to render our best life, day by day, always improving and learning. Just as a site is not a static thing, it can be further adjusted and tailored, so can the quality of our lives by resetting our priorities, our habits and mindsets. For example, take the concept of "nesting" or layering in programming and how it parallels how everyone has a place where they belong and how our positionality affects our relationship with those around us, and how those in turn influence us and come to form a mutually sustaining relationship amongst each other, the fluent syntax in perfect synchrony with the elements and contents of the page. Just as people also navigate towards their optimal places amongst distinct purposes, personalities and plights, we can see how the process and output of coding can mirror these choices ;)

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Beautifully written!