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Krishna Agarwal
Krishna Agarwal

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What was your Coding Journey

Describe your coding journey in the comments below...

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Larry Martin

Embarking on my coding journey felt like navigating an exciting maze, filled with challenges turned into triumphs and an ever-evolving quest for innovation and mastery.
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Coding Journey is important because in this way we can grow. When I was working on the roof painting company website I saw amazing ideas that help me to refine my coding.

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Hi All.
My coding journey began 1.5 years ago. It's been an on-and-off experience with moments of burnout due to trying to grasp too many concepts simultaneously. The uncertainty of whether I'm on the right learning path also adds to the challenge. I'm still navigating this learning process, aspiring to find the most effective way to learn.

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Greetings all. I started my Coding journey back in July 1]995. Unknown to me then, I didn't know I was a Coder then (back then they called us Webmasters). I learned HTML first. I used GNN's HTML Editor and taught myself HTML. In this editor you could see the syntex of HTML and I was off to the races. From there I dabbled in JavaScript, Java, and CSS 1. At the time I was a custom avatar creator for virtual places (a popular chat program of the time). In 2001 I stopped Coding (I could kick myself for doing that)because either you went to college and learned out dated stuff or to a Mirosoft (or comparable tech school) Tech Certification, which costed a lot so, I gave up.

In 2019 a local company was hiring I applied but did not get the job. They referred me to an app that wants to press you into a Coding Bootcamp. I learned of free code camp . org and have been updating my skillset ever since.