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Krishna Agarwal

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What was your Coding Journey

Describe your coding journey in the comments below...

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Greetings all. I started my Coding journey back in July 1]995. Unknown to me then, I didn't know I was a Coder then (back then they called us Webmasters). I learned HTML first. I used GNN's HTML Editor and taught myself HTML. In this editor you could see the syntex of HTML and I was off to the races. From there I dabbled in JavaScript, Java, and CSS 1. At the time I was a custom avatar creator for virtual places (a popular chat program of the time). In 2001 I stopped Coding (I could kick myself for doing that)because either you went to college and learned out dated stuff or to a Mirosoft (or comparable tech school) Tech Certification, which costed a lot so, I gave up.

In 2019 a local company was hiring I applied but did not get the job. They referred me to an app that wants to press you into a Coding Bootcamp. I learned of free code camp . org and have been updating my skillset ever since.