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Start Coding #CNC2021


I am a student pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. Those who belong to this field know how large the scope can be. There is ALWAYS something to learn. This is the reason when I came through the Start Coding Challenge, I was interested in taking it up. I also shared my goals before beginning the challenge in the challenge thread and would also like to share it in my final reflection post-

  • To learn as much as I can.
  • Learn a new programming language, which can be used to make some contributions, in order to solve real-time problems πŸ™Œ
  • Move to the advanced part of the programming language of which I know the basics.


I joined the CodeNewbie Community for CodeLand 2021. One day I was just going through the official website and I saw a bunch of challenges over there. I was very keen to take those up. However, I thought that it would be better to start with one and that too a basic challenge, so I took the Start Coding Challenge up. Needless to say, I got to learn a lot while following the challenge path.


Before taking up this challenge, I knew a little bit about HTML and CSS. I wanted to move forward and learn Bootstrap and JavaScript so that I could be able to create better web-pages and learn more about the front-end web-development. As of now, I have definitely progressed in whatever I thought beforehand. I would not say that I am now very proficient in JS and web-development, but yes, I have taken steps towards this and am learning and will continue to do so :)

My final project

Although I have made a lot of small sample pages, I would like to share over here, the contributions which I was able to make after learning from this Challenge.
Design a login form
Design a color theme

Also, I would like to share my repository, in which I have added code-samples of pages which I made during learning.
Check my Repo

They might be small changes and contributions, but I am happy that I was able to implement something out of my learning in the past few weeks.

Please feel free to go through these and provide feedback. I would be glad to work on making my codes better :)

Sticking to it

I have planned to give a little more time to better myself in the areas which I have taken up during this challenge. I will continue to do the coding sessions that I was doing during the challenge and will continue to implement whatever I learn.

A new habit that I have installed over the past weeks is the habit to read. I would like to share here that each week along with coding sessions challenge, we also got reading challenge. Many resources were shared with all of us taking part in the Start Coding Challenge and we loved to read all of those. So this is truly a new found habit and I hope to keep it with me for long.

Overall Reflections

My CNC2021 experience was great. I learn many new things, moved further in the world of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JS.
Also I got a chance to meet new people who even helped me in this journey.
The feeling after completing the challenge is great. I would say anybody who wants to connect with lots of people and move ahead in your coding journey, or want to learn something new, should take up the challenge πŸ‘

What's next for me

To take up more CNC2021 Challenges :D

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Ben Halpern

Good luck!

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Thank you :)

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Larry Martin

Incredible commitment to growth. Your initiative to delve into web development and create tangible projects demonstrates your drive. Keep exploring and refining your skills.
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Thank you for the kind words :)