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What Are Mobile Proxies?

There are various types of proxies, and businesses choose them according to their needs. Here, at Oxylabs, we created a video covering everything about mobile proxies and why you should consider using them.

Mobile proxies explained

In general, proxies are intermediaries between you and the internet. When using a proxy server, your request runs through the proxy server (which changes your IP address) first and only then connects to the website.

Mobile proxies employ IP addresses only from real mobile devices. Reliable and stable mobile proxies ensure your web scraping project runs smoothly without unexpected errors. With our Mobile Proxies, we offer an automatic IP rotation feature. You can expect fewer CAPTCHAs and IP blocks because our customers can access the required public data from different real mobile IP addresses.

mobile proxy

Why do you need mobile proxies?

When it comes to collecting vast amounts of public data, proxies are necessary to avoid unexpected issues. This video states that reliable mobile proxies (e.g., Oxylabs mobile proxies) will help you access geo-restricted public data because of the extensive list of locations worldwide.

It's worth mentioning that IP addresses from real mobile devices ensure noticeably fewer IP blocks when collecting public data. Whatever site you try to access will recognize you as a regular user.

Things you should know about mobile proxies

  • Even if mobile proxies aren't the cheapest proxy solution, it's definitely worth it to use them if CAPTCHAs, IP blocks, and geo-restricted content are issues you encounter constantly.

  • In this YouTube video, we distinguish several more benefits to look out for when choosing mobile proxies: high success rates, 24/7 support, easy integration methods & compatibility with third-party apps and tools.

  • Mobile proxies are slower compared to other proxy types, e.g., datacenter proxies. However, they have the best IP reputation, meaning blocking them is harder.


In this Youtube video, we talk about mobile proxies as an advanced solution for those wishing to encounter fewer IP blocks and CAPTCHAs when collecting public data. Automatic IP rotation and IP addresses from real mobile devices ensure high success rates for these proxies.

Even if it's harder to get blocked with mobile proxies, you still have to respect your data sources and collect public data responsibly.

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