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How to get your articles published

Hey, Codenewbies!

Today, I have an article published on CSS-tricks.

It's really exciting.

I started my journey to learn web development 10 years ago! CSS-tricks was one of my first learning resources and Chris Coyier's course on was HUGE in my learning path.

AND TODAY! CSS-tricks has published one of my articles!


It might be a little complex if you are just starting out with HTML and CSS, but I wanted to show you all - that if you put in the work, you can get your thoughts published and reach a broad audience.

Write early! Practice practice practice

Not only will it help you learn and reinforce your understanding, but you'll become a better writer! Get better jobs, and you can publish your work!

When you're ready: You can totally pitch articles to the most respected web publications out there. They are looking for writers and ideas! They need you. A List Apart and CSS-tricks are a few of the most well-known and well-liked. Those are the links to pitch an article.

Dig deep

What are you most passionate about? What really makes you tick and what is your unique view of the field? You can use Codenewbie as a journal to reflex and to inspire others.

Start now! Future you... will thank you.

At Perpetual Education, we encourage our students to write early! and often. Being able to explain your decision-making process and communicate with a team is by far the most important thing for getting hired.

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Congratulations @sheriffderek !!! What an amazing accomplishment!!!