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Just because you're new, doesn't mean you have to be naive

Everyone is trying to sell you something.

(Even us)

We want to sell you on the idea that YOU have the power to make smart choices. You probably don't know enough to make the best decision about everything but you can ask for help! Learning programming shouldn't feel like a solo quest through a dangerous forest.

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If something sounds too good to be true, ask an experienced developer. See what they have to say. Is every coding boot camp and class and teacher - really "The Best?" Is that even possible?

You have your delightfully positive and honest community here at CodeNewbie to help you figure out which sheep are really just wolves - and (more importantly) if you even want a sheep to start with!

In a world with a little too much bull-💩, honesty is starting to sound pretty edgy! Watch out!

You can always talk directly to us about ways to cut down to business and learn programming in a fast, fun, and efficient way - no matter what style you want to learn it. Honest.

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marco r • Edited on

great advice, particularly about reaching out to experienced people in the industry. I sure wish I had heard that before I spent years in tutorial purgatory!!