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Five Best Ruby And Rails Courses And Training Resources

Ruby is a general purpose, high-level programming language that lays focus on simplicity and productivity. Yukihiro Matsumoto, its creator, was intent on creating an easy-to-read programming language, which utilized object-oriented programming (OOP) for better code reuse.

While Ruby is pretty popular in itself, it is widely preferred for the Ruby on Rails framework.
This framework is a work of art in itself, and is used by businesses everywhere for developing complex model web applications ruby on rails. In this blog, we are going to discuss the five best Ruby on Rails courses and training resources. If you wish to learn Ruby on Rails, then keep reading to know the top providers.
But first, what is Ruby on Rails?

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails and RoR, is a server-side web app development framework. It is written in the Ruby language and supports the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. Hence, it offers a default structure for web services, web pages, and databases. RoR employs web standards such as XML or JSON for transferring data, and JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for user interface.
Let’s get on to uncover the best Ruby on Rails courses you can take the aid of today for a bright future ahead!

Best Ruby on Rails Courses & Training Resources

It’s time to give you a glimpse of some of the best names in the world of training to become a pro in Ruby on Rails.

1. Ruby on Rails Course by igmGuru

Ruby on Rails Course by igmGuru has been crafted by industry professionals with 10+ years of working experience. Learn to create visually appealing responsive websites from the very beginning, and eventually move to comprehend web design patterns with various other languages like SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
igmGuru’s Ruby on Rails training program will make you job-ready, and even ace the certification exam, if you wish to earn one. If not, this course in itself is enough to make you eligible to get hired in the organization that will accelerate your career growth.

2. Learn Ruby on Rails by freeCodeCamp

The Learn Ruby on Rails Course by freeCodeCamp is enough to get you started in gaining prowess to use this framework, along with invaluable knowledge on web programming. Get started with learning about installation, and moving to work on your first webpage.
This course teaches you about creating new pages by employing the base template provided to you, maintaining persistent data in a DB, creating a webpage with the feature of displaying and modifying data that is stored in an SQL DB.

3. Ruby on Rails for Beginners Course by GoRails
Become a professional RoR developer by choosing this Ruby on Rails beginners course by GoRails. The course begins by learning how to install Ruby on Rails, and consequently creating your very first Rails application.
By the time you complete this training, you will have prowess in a lot of aspects associated with, and necessary to grow as a RoR Developer. You will be working hands-on on applications, developing along with the instructor as they code.

4. Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course by Udemy
One of the leading Ruby on Rails courses today includes this Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course that is being provided by Udemy. This course takes you on a complete journey from the basics to the advanced concepts.
There are plenty of video lectures, interactive sessions, and quizzes that will ensure you learn properly and excel.

5. Learn Ruby on Rails for Free by Rails Code Along
It is a free course, apt for those who are just looking to try their hand at this framework. If you are unsure about diving into it full-fledged, then this is a good way to test waters.
It’s a hands-on course to facilitate learnings in product development, searching API and documentation, and troubleshooting. It is best fit for those who already know Ruby.


Irrespective of your current knowledge, expertise, and skillset, there is somewhere a Ruby on Rails course fit for you. All you need to do is devote the time to find it. Once you learn it all, take the aid of Ruby on Rails interview questions to ace any interview you sit for. Choose the course best for you!

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