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Discussion on: Join Me for 100 Days of Code

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Robert Lin

Hi Anita! Thanks for sharing this post! Today I actually just set up a study group (in the form of a GitHub project board) because I personally started doing a "30 Days of Code" challenge today and thought I might as well invite anyone else doing something similar.

If you're interested, please join! It'd be cool to be study buddies in this next 30 or 100-day sprint. And I also like the idea of formally posting something at the end of every day detailing what I actually did that day. I find it helps me organize my thoughts and is also a useful resource for others as well.

More details here:

Hopefully see you onboard! 🙋‍♂️👋

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Anita Beauchamp Author

I'll definitely check it out. I am all for having study buddies. Also, thank you for reading & commenting on my post. It made my day. 😄