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What to do when blocked?

I have been trying to learn Machine learning for a while now.
First I started with the Andrew Ng’s course, then I moved on to Kaggle’s introduction course and intermediary course and finally I tried to learn on Numerai.

What all those hours spent on these courses, I am still stuck.

How do I teach myself in such a way that I could actually write the code?
Meaning that I understand the concepts behind the steps that go into machine learning but I cannot write the actual code for myself.

Currently I am trying my own take on the Titanic code. But every time I start writing the code, nothing comes out on the screen. Then I start looking at other peoples code, seeing the code they write and writing that code on my project. After doing it I feel worse, because this is not the way to learn.

How should I go about truly learning the syntax?

My idea for now is reading other peoples code, writing their code from memory and trying to understand the steps for myself as I write.

Another idea would be memorising the syntax by heart and going from there.

I struggle because I truly want to write my own code and play with the ideas I have.
Have you gone through the same pain?
What did you do to improve your learning?

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