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Mentorship in the coding community?

Where do you find great mentors for programming?

I have always thought the fastest and best way to the top, would be following someone’s advice to the top.

For such a long time in human history mentorship was the way to teach people their skills. I wonder why our society right now is not more mentorship focused. Considering it was such an integral part of our history.

Perhaps it’s my over glorified view on these sort of relationships, where the one teaching is learning on a different level their craft. Likewise the apprentice would learn what to focus on seeing how everything is tied together in practice.

Of course I value self learning and courses. But I feel like there should be a greater emphasis on teaching through mentorship. Especially considering the programming realm, where you have an incredible amount of information that you have to tie together. Here the mentor could easily provide many examples from a practical point of view.

I have been thinking of this approach for a long time. The problems I face is finding a person skilled and willing to teach through this sort of mentorship program. Considering programming is seems quite lonely at times, it’s your computer and your skills that matter. But in the end we are social beings and learning is always enforced with seeing it practiced in a real setting.

The steps I am considering to find a mentor that would be willing to share their knowledge and at the same time solidifying their fundamentals. Below I have listed the steps.

  • Researching people who are skilled in programming
  • Reaching out to them for the first time
  • Asking them if there would be value for them to teach their way of programming
  • Setting up meetings with those willing to teach and learn in the process

These steps might be needed to updated as I go along, but as a starting point this is the view I have right now.

You as a reader,
Do you have stories of mentorship?
Do you think there would be a place in the world for more mentorship style learning?

I will focus a lot of energy trying to find people who fit the role of mentor. Any advice is welcome.

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