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6 REASONS to Learn Python Programming in 2021

If you have doubts about which programming language to use for your web development, I am giving you 6 reasons β€” although there are many more β€” to program in Python.

1. It's an Interpreted programming language

Python is an Interpreted programming language meaning " is a type of programming language for which there is an interpreter which runs over a virtual machine. The interpreter executes the code line by line and convert it into low level machine language. Since, the interpreted language runs over virtual environment, these languages are considered platform independent." - Source [Wikipedia]; so it works on any system that integrates its interpreter.

2. Large collection of frameworks, libraries and development tools you can work with

Python is not only a multiplier and multi-paradigm but it will also help us to develop any route, such as a web or mobile.

To accomplish this, Python consists of large collection of frameworks, libraries, and development tools for developing applications without putting additional cost. Python frameworks simplify and make the process faster for web application development and the frameworks are Django, Flask, pyramid etc. Python GUI frameworks are available for developing the GUI based application.

3. Ease of Reading Code

Python code is easy to read and maintained. It is easily reusable as well whenever it is required.
Python have simple syntax, allowing different concepts to develop without writing additional lines of code.
The code is required to be of good quality and easy to maintain and simplify for maintenance, for development of software application. It helps in building custom applications and clean code helps in maintaining and updating the software applications without putting extra effort on the same code.

4. Great Syntax Quality

The syntax that this programming language provides is one of its Ultimate Selling Features. Python Specific, an internal code block is created via indentation, which forces the developer to indent their source code to ensure clear readability.

One of Python's functions is to reduce the use of other characters such as using the comma symbol {,} , among others, and to be able to write a certain sequence for that test.

5. Object-Oriented Programming

Python are multi-paradigm, you can write programs or libraries that are largely procedural, object-oriented, or functional in all of these languages. It depends on what you mean by functional. Python does have some features of a functional language.

OOP's concepts like, Classes,Encapsulation,Polymorphism, Inheritance etc.. in Python makes it as object oriented programming language.

6. Other applications for which python is used

There are other applications for which python is used that are web-scraping, data-science, machine-learning, face-detection etc. These are some major applications used.

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Andrew Baisden

I agree Python continues to be popular.