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Dude Where's My ID?

The ID's in our wallet aren't the only ID's we need! Who would have thought this ID could not fit in my pocket. I have recently found a new trick on how to take my web page to the next level with CSS ID's. I love the fact that ID's can be used to modify your elements/tags to jazz up my HTML & CSS. Who doesn't love a good from drab to fab revamp! I can literally change anything with an ID on my page to get that perfect look after hours of trying to design. The day my designs show up how they do in my head will forever be the greatest day on earth!

Despite my love and hate relationship with coding and my new found love for ID’s, my overall goal is to keep getting comfortable writing code and asking for help. As a beginner, it can get frustrating and overwhelming sometimes getting thrown a lot of information from tutorials, online forums, etc. One my thing that I tell myself often since being on this journey is that it is ok not to remember everything. That is what Google is for. To find what our brain cannot remember or does not know. I honestly believe the worst day in a programmer’s life will not be when their code doesn’t run properly, but when Google is no longer existent. The true start of the apocalypse......but anyways, it is ok to take your time and have patience with yourself and also your code. What we don’t know now will be things we know in the future. It all takes time. We all have heard the cliché “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The same goes for building projects.

This is just the diary of an introverted code newbie.
("Puts rings together like Captain Planet & The Planeteers")

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Kingsley Odibendi

Awesome stuff!
Goodluck in your journey bro

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I love the Captain Planet reference! Great job, so excited to follow your journey!