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3 affirmations for the next 365 days (+ some venting)

First and foremost this post was adopted by Pauline. After reading her post:

I became inspired and decided to write my own!

Jumping right in...

Learning web dev feels less threatening knowing that the misconceptions I've had of it fall short of the reality of actually being a web developer.

Thinking that I need to be coding every hour on the hour. Cranking out hundreds of projects because I don't come from a tech background, so I need them to boost me up and essentially play catch up (to what/who I don't know).

Beating myself up because there's so much tech jargon that I need to learn and learn it quickly (again I don't know what/who I'm racing against).

These 2 ideas are the main sources of where my self-doubt and frustration come from- taking the fun out of coding and chipping away at the excitement I have towards it.

Reading posts on here and on other platforms from experienced web developers gives me that much needed deep sigh of relief that I haven't taken in a while. "Mastering" web dev will forever be a learning process and there will always be room for improvement. This isn't a race- there's no finish line.

So, with that said here are my 3 affirmations for the next 365 days:

👾 Learn how to work GitHub and post projects.
👾 Complete at least 2 of the bootcamps I've signed up for on UDemy.
👾 Build a basic website to host my portfolio of 5 website designs (I already have 2).

Can't wait to revist this post and monitor my progress 😊

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