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Shrikant Dhayje

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Let's Understand Some OOP ( Object Oriented Programming ) terms easily.

I Always Hated some unable to understand rocket scientific level words in Object Oriented Programming for a Beginners.

So Because of that I Created a list of Some Simple Words Suitable for that Object Oriented Programming terms.

  • Inheritance :-
    • Cloning -> Process of Cloning Item From One Object's Class to Another Class. Also Ability to modify some things without damaging already using original class.
  • Multiple Inheritance :-
    • Cloning from additional -> Process of Cloning The data from Two or More Objects Simultaneously.
  • Polymorphism :-
    • Making Portable -> Process of adding a way to use Some Functions / Methods of One Object or Class to another. make it portable to use like function named paintingTheVehicle() to other objects like Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Hot Wheels and some other things.
  • Abstraction :-
    • Hinding Internal Details From End User -> Process of Hiding Data from Actual Customer or End User of Software like Net Banking Software and User Don't need to know how the bank works to net banking.
  • Encapsulation :-
    • Hiding Internal Details From Other Programmers or similar -> In Software Industry Some Developer Creates Some projects which can be used by multiple other software developers like projects of pip in python, npm in nodejs and gem in ruby. for security and universal usability of that part we use encapsulation. Process of Hinding AKA Securing The data from other programmers and delivering our software or class or object as package to other things. For Example In Banking Software A Bank employee don't need to know the customer's plain password at all even if both are user of same software but at different level.
  • Base Class :-
    • Parent Class -> Used as Parent Class In Inheritance and Multiple Parents in Multiple Inheritance.
  • Derived Class :-
    • Child Class -> Used as resulting class With help of Parent Class AKA Base Class or Classes.

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Don't Hesitate to leave some comments for further understanding like some more terms. bye bye 👋

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