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5 Top Shopify Chatbot Apps in 2023 that Make Your Sales Easier

As a Shopify merchant, you will need a Shopify chatbot. Why? Not too long ago, and perhaps even now, many businesses struggle to respond to customers’ inquiries. Most have too few representatives to reply to customers or rely on chatbots that are too narrow in their function.

It’s now the age of generative AI, and things have changed. ChatGPT, for instance, has seen imitations or iterations that have gone on to stand as proof of concept for the new age of eCommerce chatbots.

If you want to make your customers happy, it is worth knowing what the best Shopify chatbot apps are and what they offer to bring new and usable functionality to your store. This article analyzes some benefits you get from using Shopify chatbots, the pricing, reviews, and more.

So, whether you are a small eCommerce operation just getting started or an established retailer in the online space, let’s dive in and find out what a Shopify Chatbot app can do for you.

Shopify Chatbots Explained

So, what is a Shopify chatbot?

A Shopify chatbot is a customer engagement tool that uses artificial intelligence to power interactions between shop owners and customers. The top chatbot apps for Shopify stores are designed to sound and behave like human representatives, but the quality varies from one developer to the other.

To the shop owners, they represent a way to automate customer support, allowing for faster, more efficient, and cheaper processes; to the shopper, they are a great way to get answers quickly.

To that end, the top Shopify chatbot apps are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), which eliminates the robotic-sounding and prompts-based, narrow responses of chatbots of yesteryear.

Through analyzing the context and intent, the chatbot can recommend products, answer frequently asked questions, handle orders, and even help with transactions.

To understand why there is such hype around chatbots in this new era, let us discuss the benefits of using Shopify chatbot apps.

The Benefits Of Using Shopify Chatbot Apps

Shopify has grown into the eCommerce platform it is today by integrating well with the tools merchants need to conduct their business easily. When it comes to the best Shopify bots, for instance, eCommerce operations can look forward to the following benefits:

1. Chatbots Provide Dynamic Information

Chatbots deliver dynamic information, unlike static FAQ sections, which often offer preformulated and generic responses. Through advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, these intelligent virtual assistants can offer precise answers tailored to each customer’s query.

Chatbots for Shopify tap into vast databases, swiftly retrieving up-to-date information and ensuring customers receive accurate and relevant responses. This dynamic nature enhances the customer experience, fostering a sense of personalized interaction and bolstering customer satisfaction.

2. It Is Cheaper In The Long Run

While the initial costs of implementing a chatbot for Shopify may be high during the setup stage, the long-term financial benefits are significant. Human customer support requires a dedicated workforce involving hiring, training, and ongoing operational expenses. In contrast, once deployed, chatbots prove to be a cost-effective solution.

They can handle many inquiries simultaneously, reducing the need for extensive human support teams. Over time, this leads to substantial cost savings.

3. Information Is Retrieved Quickly

In traditional customer support scenarios, even with human representatives, customers often experience frustrating delays as they await answers to their queries. However, with a Shopify AI chatbot, information retrieval is nearly instantaneous.

Customers receive responses promptly, eliminating the waiting period and keeping interactions seamless and efficient. This swift access to information enhances customer satisfaction and expedites sales, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

4. Scaling Up is Easy

Managing customer support during periods of high traffic can be challenging and time-consuming. Acquiring and coordinating additional support personnel can cause logistical headaches. In contrast, chatbots offer a scalable solution.

A simple adjustment enables Shopify AI-powered chatbot apps to handle increased customer requests without skipping a beat. The ability to effortlessly scale up operations enables businesses to meet growing demands efficiently and maintain consistent service levels, ultimately maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

5. Increased Customer Engagement

Shopify chatbots serve as powerful tools for boosting customer engagement. Using a Shopify chatbot captivates customers through personalized and interactive conversations, providing them with a tailored shopping experience.

These virtual assistants can offer product recommendations based on customers’ preferences, previous purchases, and browsing behavior, driving interest and fostering deeper connections. Chatbots help businesses cultivate loyal customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases by facilitating meaningful engagement.

6. Streamlined Operations and Improved Productivity

A Shopify chatbot integration streamlines operations and enhances overall productivity. Chatbots automate routine tasks, such as answering FAQs, processing orders, and handling basic inquiries. By freeing human resources from these repetitive tasks, businesses can reallocate their workforce to more complex and strategic activities.

This optimized allocation of human capital improves productivity, allowing employees to focus on critical business aspects while chatbots handle routine customer interactions with precision and efficiency.

Top 5 Shopify Chatbots

To help you in your research, we are listing five solutions in our Shopify chatbot comparison, looking at what they offer, key features, and pricing models.

Let’s dive in.

1. Tidio

Tidio, the leading Shopify chatbot app, streamlines communication by automatically responding to customers’ shipping, order status, and return queries while providing product recommendations.

Customizing the chatbot becomes effortless by harnessing templates and an intuitive no-code visual editor. Designing a fully-functional chatbot tailored to your business needs takes just minutes. Tidio elevates the customer experience by reducing agents’ workload, enabling real-time communication, immediate assistance, increased sales, and prompt resolution of concerns.


  • Integration with social media and customer engagement apps and platforms.
  • More than 30 pre-designed chatbot profiles
  • Offers discounts to new and regular customers
  • Access to chatbot analytics
  • Satisfaction measurement capability available
  • Multi-lingual bot setup


  • Free tier available.
  • Communicator tier– Billed per operator at $15.83/mo.
  • Chatbots tier– Starting from $15.83/mo.
  • Tidio+ tier– Starting from $329/mo.

2. Gorgias

Gorgias is a chatbot with a built-in ticketing system and customer support functions. The chatbot is perfect for medium companies needing segmentation and tracking tools to give customers a personalized experience.

With its intent and sentiment detection, Shopify website owners can determine how to increase sales more efficiently.


  • You can specify rules to prioritize inquiries on customer issues
  • The ability to close a chat when specific conditions are met
  • The ability to respond to all social comments for better engagement
  • In-depth analytics, with an insightful look into all parameters


  • Starter (50 tickets/month)- Available only for monthly subscriptions.
  • Basic (300 tickets/month)- $60/mo. And $50/mo. for the annual subscription
  • Pro (2,000 tickets/month)- $360/mo. And $300/mo. for the annual subscription
  • Advanced (5,000 tickets/month)- $900/mo. And $750/mo. for the annual subscription
  • Enterprise (custom tickets volume)- pricing available upon enquiry.
  • Each tier has automation, voice and SMS add-ons at different prices.

3. Formilla

With Formilla, the users get access to more than a live chatbot; they also have access to chatbots and marketing automation tools, including a multichannel dashboard, contact management and real-time visitor monitoring.

This solution is perfect for Shopify store owners who want to automatically book meetings, qualify leads, and provide product information. You can also set up a helper bot that addresses FAQs.


  • Welcome messages can be customized
  • Store owners can classify leads automatically
  • The chatbots are based on advanced NLP
  • Users can integrate with Zendesk. Mailchimp, Zapier, Pipedrive to connect to 1000+ apps
  • Multilingual chatbot support is available
  • The ability to route conversations to the next available agent.


  • Standard– This is the free version for one agent
  • Premium ($17.49/mo. and $13.99/mo. on the annual plan)- 1 Chat Agent, Unlimited Live Chats, Custom Bots, AI Chatbots, Desktop And Mobile Apps, 3rd Party Integrations, Proactive Chat, Canned Messages, Banned Visitors, Unlimited Chat History, In-App Messages.
  • Professional ($49.99/mo. and $39.99/mo. on the annual plan)- All Premium features (with two chat agents), plus File Sharing, Real-Time Visitor Monitoring, Installation On Multiple Websites, In-App Messages, Email/Social Lead Widgets, and Formilla Branding Removal.
  • Growth ($74.99/mo. and $59.99/mo. on the annual plan)- All Professional features plus Unlimited In-App and Email Messages.

4. is one of the best Shopify AI chatbot apps for automating support and sales to create the best post- and pre-purchase experience. It is always on and connects customers to an agent where required, delivers answers quickly, and continuously upgrades itself using customer interactions.

Customers can track orders, get product recommendations, get assistance on orders, cancellations and returns, and browse through extensive catalogs quickly and easily.


  • Engagement with customers using chat campaigns
  • Access to a comprehensive catalog of optimized templates for sales and support
  • Shop owners can increase sales using cross-selling and upselling
  • You can launch the Shopify chatbot without coding
  • The interface for managing and controlling the bot is simple and intuitive
  • It cuts down on cart abandonment


  • Grow ($29/mo.) Up to 5,000 monthly site visitors- Unlimited FAQ chatbots, track orders, live chat integration with Shopify Inbox, AI sales campaigns, email and chat support.
  • Pro ($99/mo.) Up to 20,000 monthly site visitors- All Grow features plus conversational flows, conversational search, back-in-stock campaign, Gorgias and Klaviyo integrations, and VIP onboarding.
  • Premium ($299/mo.) Up to 100,000 monthly site visitors- All Pro features plus product level FAQs, advanced order management, advanced help center, custom nudge campaigns, product quiz, pre-trained AI library, and VIP support.
  • Enterprise ($599/mo.)– Users can contact Relish for a custom plan. You get all Premium features, self-service subscription management, customized cancel subscription retention, custom chat flows, custom AI training, and a dedicated account manager.
  • Users get a 14-day free trial with any plan.

5. Ometrics Ochatbot

Ochatbot is a popular Shopify messenger chatbot designed to skyrocket your store’s sales and revenue. With its intuitive interface, Ochatbot allows you to build a custom chatbot without coding quickly. It provides a flawless conversational experience powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing), engaging customers at any point in their journey.

The chatbot asks questions, understands customer needs, and recommends the best products, displaying images, prices, descriptions, and add-to-cart options directly within the chat window. Ochatbot also ensures compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations, keeping you trouble-free with local laws.


  • Offers special engagement tools like exit popups and mobile banners
  • The robust analytics feature provides valuable insights into customer journeys
  • Settings to apply multiple triggers throughout the customer journey
  • It monitors customer checkout info to improve cart recovery
  • Video and image showcase for custom product presentations


  • Free (up to 5,000 monthly visitors)– Intended for startups to build free chatbots. It comes with unlimited leads and interactions, more than 80 Leadbot Templates, more than 50 Prebuilt Standard Intents, 20 Custom Intents, 25 Ochatbot Ecommerce SKUs, 3 Abandoned Cart Captures Per Mo., Limited Support, Form Responses, Ochatbot Reporting, Fallback Reporting, 60 Days Access To Ochatbot Data.
  • Basic (up to 10,000 monthly visitors) $29/mo.– You get all the features in Free tier, adding 50 Custom Intents, Full Support, 90 Days Access to Ochatbot Data, AI Happiness Sentiment, and User Response Reporting.
  • Plus (up to 30,000 monthly visitors) $99/mo.– You get all the features in the Basic tier, with the addition of 100 Custom Intents, Unlimited Ochatbot eCommerce SKUs, Unlimited Abandoned Cart Captures, Unlimited Automated Order Status & Tracking, Upsell & Cross-sell, APIs, Zapier for CRMs, Email and Support, Custom Button actions, Page Targeting.
  • Pro (30,000 monthly visitors) $495/mo.- You get all the features in the Plus tier, including Daily AI Optimization & Training, Monthly Ochatbot Insights Reporting, NLP Engineering and Support. For this tier, the service is fully managed.
  • Enterprise– Fully managed, custom pricing and all the features you want!

Tips To Choose The Best Shopify Chatbot App

Even though we have just gone through the best Shopify chatbot apps for you to consider, choosing one to work with is not as simple as lining the choices up on a board, closing your eyes, and throwing a dart.

They may all have great reviews and work as advertised. However, the perfect choice comes down to following an objective process to pick the best one.

Here are some tips how to choose a Shopify chatbot app:

  1. Define Your Objectives: Before selecting a Shopify chatbot app, clearly outline your objectives and desired outcomes. Determine the tasks and functionalities you expect the chatbot to perform, such as answering FAQs, processing orders, or providing personalized recommendations.
  2. Evaluate Integration Capabilities: Consider the integration capabilities of the chatbot app with the Shopify platform. Ensure the app seamlessly integrates with your existing online store infrastructure, allowing for effortless installation, configuration, and data synchronization.
  3. Assess Natural Language Processing (NLP) Abilities: A robust NLP engine is essential for a chatbot to understand and respond to customer queries effectively. Look for an app that incorporates advanced NLP algorithms, enabling accurate interpretation of customer intent and context.
  4. Consider Customization and Personalization Options: The ability to customize and personalize the chatbot’s responses and interactions is vital for creating a unique brand experience. Look for an app that offers flexibility in tailoring the chatbot’s language, tone, and visual appearance to align with your brand identity.
  5. Review User-Friendly Interface and Ease of Use: An intuitive and user-friendly interface is crucial for merchants and customers. Evaluate the app’s interface design, ease of navigation, and configuration options.
  6. Consider Reporting and Analytics Capabilities: Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into chatbot performance and customer interactions. Look for an app with detailed analytics, such as conversation logs, customer sentiment analysis, and conversion tracking.
  7. Assess Customer Support and Documentation: Reliable customer support and thorough documentation are crucial when implementing a chatbot app. Evaluate the app provider’s customer support channels, response times, and availability.
  8. Consider Pricing and Scalability: Evaluate the chatbot app’s pricing model and scalability options. Consider whether the pricing structure aligns with your budget and the value the app provides.


From the dynamic capabilities of Tidio to the AI-powered intelligence of Gorgias, the ease-of-use and engagement tools of Formilla, the personalized recommendations of Ometrics Ochatbot, to the comprehensive features and analytics of, each app offers unique strengths.

Now it’s your turn to take action and unleash the potential of these powerful chatbot apps for your Shopify store. Choose the one that aligns best with your business needs and goals, and take a step towards boosting sales, improving customer experience, and saving valuable time and resources.

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manifest45 • Edited

Thank you for sharing the information. I heard about all these chatbots and also tried few. I just want to do a small add on. I found two more chatbots in internet for Shopify stores. one is AI powered chatbot called Manifest AI, it is basically a AI shopping assistant which help Shopify visitors in product discovery and product recommendation. You can enable this chatbot for Shopify store in 3 steps.

The other one is a Multichannel Chatbot, for Instagram & WhatsApp where you can set automation journeys and automatically it will help the visitors for better response and also end up with conversions, called BIK

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smith76432 • Edited

Tidio Live Chat: Tidio Live Chat is a versatile chatbot app that allows you to engage with your customers in real-time. It offers features like automated messages, chatbots, email marketing integrations, and customization options.

Chatra: Chatra is a live chat and chatbot app for Shopify that enables you to communicate with customers and provide instant support. It offers features like chat customization, real-time visitor monitoring, chatbot automation, and integrations with other tools.

Re:amaze: Re:amaze is a customer service and live chat platform that includes chatbot capabilities. It allows you to automate responses to buying a restaurant, engage customers, track conversations, and provide support across multiple channels.

Gobot: Gobot is a chatbot app for Shopify that helps automate conversations with customers. It offers customizable chatbots, AI-driven responses, lead generation tools, and integrations with other marketing platforms.

Octane AI: Octane AI is a comprehensive chat marketing platform that includes chatbots, SMS marketing, and Facebook Messenger marketing for Shopify. It offers features like conversational flows, cart abandonment campaigns, personalized recommendations, and more.