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Five untold skills of a software engineer

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Today there are multiple programming languages, frameworks, libraries and innovative technologies. They either get popular or fade away. But today I’m going to talk about few of the top untold skills in tech industry that don’t fade away with time.

1) Communication skills β€” Communication is by far one of the important skill to possess. It is very important for you to articulate your problems/ideas/solutions when you work in teams. It allows others to visualize the subject you are see. You ability to communicate the problems/ideas/solutions can lead to better understanding amongst others and the overall productivity of the team.

2) Ability to find solutions β€” As a software engineer we often spend time on stackoverflow looking solutions to our problem. Your ability to reference similar type problem on stackoverflow and connect it to your problem to get your solution is very important. I have often seen junior developers unable to connect the dots to their problem with similar related problems online. Eventually end up impacting the delivery of the product.

3) Being humble β€” Be humble to very one around you. Your team, house cleaning staff, support staff everyone has a role to play and cumulatively you are trying to achieve your deliverable goals. It is important to be humble.

4) Asking help β€” In tech if you are asking for some help, is often perceived as incompetency and can lead to imposter syndrome. On the other side don’t be a leech and ask for help without even trying once. That is way more bad. Striking a perfect balance is important, knowing when you really need help and when you just need more time to figure out.

5) Documentation β€” Last but not the least, have the ability to document well. Sometimes we have see great technologies being sidelined because of poor documentation. Poor documentation can make a good technology difficult understand. New adopters, hobbyists, enthusiasts may start to avoid the technology for the same reason.

Above are five skills I feel every software engineer should know. Do let me know in the comments section which other skills you feel are important but less spoken skills needed as a software engineer.

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Emmanuel Tanimowo

Awesome, thanks for this!

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welcome! :)