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Starting your career in tech!


I attended an absolutely amazing session by RTC - "Motivating Career options" and would love to share my favourite parts of the session and the deep impression it left on me.

  • Your crystal ball is cloudy - It's unrealistic to plan out your next 30 years when you are in college. Focus on getting started.
  • The world is changing and so many new opportunities will open up. Self driving cars, data science etc.. were unimaginable 30 years ago.
  • Stay informed, educated, open-minded, nimble and adaptable.
  • Every industry has tech needs.
    Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 8.06.43 AM

  • Entry level options in tech. Some of them include:
    Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 7.53.22 AM

  • Corporate structure:
    Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 8.10.15 AM

  • Network

  • Be a risk taker and explore unusual paths and learn forever!

We were divided into groups based on our personality types. I got paired up with an amazing person from Florida. Both of us were ISTJ type and we had a lot in common especially how we liked to organise stuff. We had fun talking about our differences though ;) - how different our countries were and the career paths available in both the countries. I had a lot of fun listening to her views on life - how she plans her day, keeps journals, uses calendars, the importance of a clean desk and workspace and a desk near the window.

We pondered on topics I've never actually thought of:

Top 3 things I like to do:

  1. Learning new things, Building/trying out new tools/tech
  2. Reading books/blogs - well anything
  3. Being organised

What do you do when you feel in groove:

  1. I absolutely love what I do and try to perfect that activity to my best ability.
  2. I don't get sidetracked and am fully focused. I even forget about eating food.😂
  3. I'm in a good mood and happy and proud of what I did.

Ideal work environment:

  1. It would be really great if I could work in a mixture of a remote and office environment.
  2. I would love working in a supportive group on challenging projects where I can learn lots of new things.
  3. Secure workplace where I can be financially independent.

3 essential items you look for in a job:

  1. Security
  2. Career Advancement
  3. A sense of Accomplishment

Top 3 objectives of first job:

  1. Security + Financial independence
  2. Tech environment where I can learn lots and lots
  3. Not too much pressure

I felt really happy after the session! The world is full of possibilities.


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sheriffderek • Edited

Yikes! That stuff all sounds super scary.

People can totally find jobs at their local lawyer's office or a music sales website - or doing brochure websites or at smaller design shops, right?

PS: I'm happy someone likes semicolons! It seems like everyone is trying to leave them out!