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How To Use Google Like A Pro

Google is such a dominant force in the search engine industry that it is the default search engine for Android smartphones and web browsers such as Chrome. To put it frankly, Google has become one of the most widely utilized online resources for discovering everything from random facts and music videos to products and services.

The sophisticated Google search methods and tips listed below can help you narrow your search results.

1. Site:

Using site: will search within a specific website. For example, if you want to find an article that is published only on Hackernoon, you can simply type article_keyword
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2. Asterisk *

You can use * to fill missing words or phrases, like :

How to integrate * in nodejs
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3. Quotation " "

"" is used to search for words or phrases, like :

"Why facebook created react"
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4. Related:

You can use related: to sites that are similar to other sites, for example
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5. link:

Use link: to find a page that links to another page, like :
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Conclusion ⌛

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you need any help please let me know in the comment section.

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KennethBruno • Edited on

This is quite interesting and no less useful. Thanks for sharing this information. Personally, I use Google every day. I recently decided to Buy Google Positive Reviews To be honest, it was an important decision for my business. Through this, I was able to build trust in my personal brand. This can be seen from the fact that my potential customers easily turn into permanent ones. I'm glad there are so many promotion tools.

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Aaron McCollum

Learned something new today - thanks!

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Suhail Kakar Author

Wow, Great welcome :)