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Questions for hiring Angular developers

At the moment you are going to hire Angular developers, you could do it through a technical test, like a project that helps you verify the candidate’s knowledge. However, Angular has the particularity of implementing several design patterns that most of the time are necessary to develop in this framework. So it will also be important to ask some key questions to the candidate:

  • What isAngular Ivy?
  • What is a dependencies injection in Angular?
  • What is service-side rendering? How is it possible to implement it in Angular?
  • What are the lifecycle hooks and which are available?
  • What are the types of directives in Angular?
  • What are the observables and what can we do with them?
  • What is the purpose of @NgModule?
  • What is a class decorator?
  • What is defer change?
  • What is binding?

These questions can also help the developer determine if he can implement the project properly and let customers know what a developer specializes in this technology should know.

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