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From Front Desk to Front End p.21


My blog has fallen off for a minute! I was updating on my LinkedIn more or less weekly! I'll be honest, the reason I've been updating less is because I was just giving myself some time to RELISH AND ENJOY all the positive changes that have been coming into my life!

Skillcrush has hands-down been the best job I've ever had, and I just wanted some time to enjoy the fact that I have been gifted some time to work LESS but make MORE than what I used to.

I've dropped the Destress Activity section from my life bc I am getting sunshine every day, stretching a lot, going for walks, eating great food, doing all sorts of personal projects I had on the back burner but now have more energy for, all sorts of stuff!

I have missed coding!! I am currently building my portfolio, this past week starting with the HTML and making sure I have a nice clear semantic structure.

The head enrollment counselor will be on maternity leave for a few months so working on additional coding projects and being available to other students for questions are going to be my only prerogatives for the next few months ✨✨✨

I took did some SPORADIC entries at the end of my last project for my classes and while reviewing my React class, so those are included here as well.

Thursday 11/17/22:

Started learning about the steps I'm going to need to take in order to make my StickyNotes app interactive, which in basic format at this point are: 1. Determine exactly what the user wants to do (user intent 2. Add event handlers and listeners, passing necessary props to make it happen!

Friday 12/9/22:

Reviewing has already been so gratifying.
So far going over the very beginning lessons has been a relief, I'm like yea yea of course- feeling solid in my understanding of how React allows us to create more efficient UIs by allowing us to update the data models relevant on the virtual dom, depending on how we interact with the UI.
And it was real reassuring reviewing my very first light switch challenge where we were told not to worry about any additional code outside of state, and I now totally know what all of that "additional code" is doing super easy! Same with this challenge meant to introduce us to the very basics of JSX, comments, expressions, etc. Or what's going on with mapping in this practice exercise! I'm still having a little difficulty recalling the vocabulary for every part tho, so I'm really looking forward to having some time to review and ingrain those important concepts in React components better.

Thursday 12/15/22:

Worked on writing and collecting all of the content for my portfolio!!!! ✨✨✨
I realized that my Hotel Filter App is NOT allowing me to toggle different filters, and THAT is not good! It didn't take me lng to follow the error which said "props.toggleFilter is not a function" and took me to the callback function for the filter, and that looked fine- So I looked for the higher order functions and realized it had not been properly called in two different places
so there we go! 💪

Friday 12/16/22:

I started setting up the HTML for My Portfolio (I share the link at the end of this week), starting with my nav ul list, my bitty basic hero area, and the meta tags for the rest of my sections. My goal is to get it BASIC but strong 💪 so I have something to share from, but start honing on and learning some new skills to make it look sharper as I go. Feels so good to be coding up a fresh project! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten my Front End Landing Page! I'm looking forward to getting right back into that!

Tuesday 12/20/22:

I took some time today to take pictures of all of my portfolio projects. I wanted them to be all the same size so I could more easily ensure that each of my Project divs are the same size. I recalled you can take pictures of what's in the browser with Firefox, so that made my job really easy! Except at first I chose to picture the entire browser so my long one-pagers were NOT uniform, whoops! I noticed this after finishing some more HTML tags for my Project components and the Skills section.

Wednesday 12/21/22:

I cloned my repo from Github so that I can work on it from my desktop vs my laptop. THEN I realized the mistake I had made yesterday! For some reason I was only thinking about Github's function as a code repository, but it also stores your related files! So I didn't push my picture updates yesterday, d'oh! Sooo I pushed 'em from my laptop, properly pulled them from my repo to my desktop, then was already to get started with work!
I properly stored my style file behind a .gitignore file (;
Then added my About and Footer tags today to finish out my HTML structure, and made a GH Page for it so I can share it with you all (unexciting UI, but we got it laid out)! (until I inevitably add a few more classes and ids in order to customize some bits) I won't be doing much more this week as I celebrate with friends a bit on this Solstice then prepare to visit with family! Happy holidays!!!

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McKenna Bramble

Hi Tauri! I'm so happy to hear that you are liking your Skillcrush job! Yay to making more and working less hours :) I also took a substantial break and am finally getting back into it. I hope you had good holidays!

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Larry Martin

Congratulations on your positive changes and enjoying the journey! It's inspiring to see your enthusiasm for coding and personal projects. Wishing you continued success on your web development journey and with building that interactive StickyNotes app!
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