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Building software for cattle farmers. Part 1. Android release

What I have built

  • GitHub code
  • Google play store release

  • The application is pretty simple, I have create a CRUD application that allows cattle farmers to track calves(baby cows) during calving season. I have also recently added a feature that gives access the the current days weather information based on the users geolocation.

Main features

  • creating, reading, updating and deleting calves
  • local and online database storage for individual users
  • 24hr weather updates

Upcoming features

  • support for multiple screen sizes
  • better swipe to delete functionality
  • undo functionality when something is deleted by mistake
  • sorting functionality
  • release the app in more countries

Feature request

  • If you have any ideas about how to make the app better, please make a feature request on the projects GitHub issues page found HERE.


  • I will be posting weekly updates every Monday, so make sure to follow to stay updated on the project. If you want to hear more from me or have any further questions, Make sure to give me a follow on Twitter or comment down below. Thank you.

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Brettneyric • Edited

This application appears to be a fantastic tool for cattle farmers! I'm truly impressed by the innovative features you've incorporated, particularly the seamless integration of real-time weather information based on the user's geolocation. The CRUD application for monitoring calves and the inclusion of 24-hour weather updates stand out as invaluable tools for farmers. The anticipation of upcoming enhancements, such as support for various screen sizes and improved swipe-to-delete functionality, adds an extra layer of excitement. The inclusion of a feature request option on the GitHub issues page is a brilliant way to engage with users and enhance the application further. Your commitment to providing weekly updates is truly commendable, and I'm eager to track the ongoing progress of this project. Keep up the excellent work!
AI in healthcare is revolutionizing the global medical landscape, ushering in a new era of personalized and efficient patient care. AI in Healthcare: How It's Transforming the Future of Worldwide Medicine? The transformative impact of artificial intelligence is not limited to just one sector; it extends its reach to various fields, including agriculture. Your innovative tool for cattle farmers showcases the versatility of AI applications.

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Ecosystem-Based Approach: Change Your Finance Thinking For Success In 2023. Great work on building an ecosystem-based strategy to finance! The Android app you've got created is a precious device for cattle farmers, permitting them to without problems tune and manipulate their herd's fitness and growth. The integration of climate statistics into the app is a wonderful addition, as it affords real-time data that can assist farmers make knowledgeable selections about breeding, feeding, and different administration practices.
I'm excited to see how your app will proceed to evolve in 2023 and beyond. Keep up the desirable work!

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