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Newbie JS, lost in the process, pls need some advices

Probably a very common and boring discussion, I have 2 months and half trying to learn JavaScript and I am so stuck, almost finished the FreeCodeCamp( I stopped bc I can’t understand well last 2 parts) now I’m starting again from 0, with Eloquent JS book, and still I feel that I can’t do it(the logic to create something, to put my thoughts in a code line)pls need some advices, some help, some good words, probably trying with Udemy courses? Lately I haven’t been a good student, a lot less time dedicated, and days without doing nothing, feel that I lost the connection 🙏

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Thomas Bnt

What I do to cope and motivate myself is to find help.

People with who they also learn the targeted language including there JavaScript, and that they are friendly. 🌈

Just a little help every day in a chat by the fire can make all the difference!

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Zacky Aduoli

Build mini projects such as todo application or ignite your enthusiasm by trying to build your own website. Connect with other devs(seniors and newbies) and learn from them how they grew as handled their challenges

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This is all you need to know… you’re not alone and never give up !! 🙏🏾