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Top mistakes on the job interview at an IT company

The IT profession is in demand and more relevant than ever. In today's reality, it is not enough to write code and configure computers. Finding a good IT professional is becoming increasingly difficult. The main reason for this is a failed job interview.Also develop your technical skills with our platform

Let's analyse the main mistakes that Juniors make at a job interview in an IT company:

1. Treating a job interview like an exam - they try to answer all the questions "correctly", they perceive ignorance of the answer as a mistake.

2. Significant exaggeration of knowledge of individual technologies - have written one template application in Vue and already add it to the technology stack. Less is better.

3. A vague job search objective - it is better to formulate in detail what you want from the job - which way to grow, which stack to master, which competencies to acquire.

The solution, of course, is to prepare for the interview in advance. Once you have studied the company's activities, it will be much easier for you to answer the questions asked. And don't forget to do some additional analysis of your questions by keeping your information short and to the point. Then the interview with HR will be easy and possibly successful.

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