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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Write More" Mission 1 Submission Thread

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Denis Woldemariam • Edited on

My three writing ideas:

  1. Tutorial: How to use higher order functions in JavaScript🤓

I think higher order functions are essential and very powerful for simplifying problems and solve them. I think it will also help me consolidate my Knowledge of those functions as I try to explain them to other people.

  1. Explainer: Basics of Solidity language😁.

I am thinking of writing an article on the basics of Solidity language since I have a lot of interest in blockchain. I was excited to learn about it because it operates at the intersection of software development, data science/data management, cyberSecurity and Economics. I also think it will have a substantial amount of impact on different aspects of our lives in the future. So I think it is a great opportunity for me to learn and deepen my knowledge on the topic by writing about it.

  1. Project: Challenges and Lesson learned from building my portfolio page🧐

I recently finished building my portfolio page. You can check it out here: . I experienced several challenges and there's definitely a lot of lessons I learned from it. I want to share those challenges, how I overcome them and what I learned from those experiences. I also want to get more feedback if possible for my portfolio page. I realized it can be difficult to get feedback from people for different reasons but by constructively criticizing my work, I might interest more people to give feedback. And that can be helpful to all of us.

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Estee Tey

Hey Dennis! I'm quite keen on reading your first article since this is more advanced concept that I have not tried out yet 😄

For your 3rd project, here is some of my feedback:

  • I like your big social media buttons, its kinda funny that only LinkedIn is blue and the rest is black. But at the same time its strange that I can see the social media buttons twice on the same page (the big ones + the small ones at the footer) due to lack of content. Perhaps you might wanna remove the footer if your portfolio page isn't very long.
  • Your introduction
    • i think it is quite fun that you have an interactive segment where i can click the next button to know more about you. but you should add more padding between the text and around the them, it is difficult to read on a desktop.
    • A bit strange that i'm seeing your introduction twice - one that is animated and the other that is static. It makes me want to read only the static one.
  • It is not immediately clear that the icons represents the skill sets that you have. A short header will be helpful, especially for screen-readers that are navigating your site before they tab to your icons.
  • The first time i click the toggle dark/light mode, nothing happens.
  • As i personally have a high degree of glare in my eyesight, the changing neon color border on your profile is painful to look at 😓

Overall, good job!

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Denis Woldemariam

Hey Estee!

  • 1st Thank you so much for the valuable feedback. I really do appreciate it. I will definitely look into better use of color combination when it comes to the changing neon color border. Even though I try to be cognizant of how the user interface is implemented, I did not take neon colors into consideration. I will make the change. I am constantly trying to optimize user experience.
  • I am glad you found the interactive segment fun😊. That was what I was aiming for. The reasoning behind two introductions is mainly because I had two different audiences for my portfolio website in mind. The first being recruiters and the second being developers and/or everyone else who would like to connect with me. I've heard recruiters gloss over portfolio websites and so I made the animated intro with that in mind.
  • I will include a short header to represent the skill set I have. I think that is a great idea.
  • I think the toggle dark/light mode has issue and I have experienced the some problem with it as well. I will try to debug and find out what the problem is so that I can fix it.
  • As far as the color choice of the social media icons, I am not going to change it because I that's the colors those social media companies use. I want to make it look as real as possible. Maybe I might consider the color change for the resume to balance it out.
  • The reason why I have the social media buttons in the footer in smaller size as well is not because I run out of content. It's more because I wanted a place where the user can access them from all the pages instead of only the home page.

I will definitely make some of the changes. Follow me to check out my first article on higher order functions and I will be looking forward for some more feedbacks & discussion on the topic.

Anyways, thank you so much for the feedback🙏🏾😊.

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Estee Tey

Great! Happy to know that my feedback helped.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Ooh I would LOVE to read that Solidity article. Sounds fascinating.

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Denis Woldemariam

That's great to hear! I will share it here when I write about it. Thank you