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Photo search app in Next JS


Recently I started creating a photo search app in React (Next.js) using Unsplash API.

A little introduction to myself

I am Mohd Ahmad, this is my first project after a todo app, my username is @zakiazfar , it is because Mohd Ahmad is a popular name, so finding a username is hard.

So, why Next.js instead of CRA

Because it is awesome and provides many features out of the box like,

  • Zero Config
  • Image Optimization
  • Typescript
  • File System Routing
  • Internationalisation
  • API Routes
  • and many more Read Here

Here's what I got, visit the Live URL or see screenshots below.
Suggest me how can I make it better

Home Page

Photon home page
Photon home page

Home Page Dark

Photon home page dark mode

Category Page

Photon category page

Search Page

Photon search page

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RubyNolte • Edited

This might be helpful while preparing different kinds of work and presentations. I recently completed a comparable task, and this material and article were helpful Videos and stock photos come in handy while preparing for this sort of work.