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10 Cool CodePen Demos (October 2023)

WebGL Ghost Cursor (2023 update)

Ksenia Kondrashova creates an updated version of this cool ghost that follows the cursor around the screen. Whimsical and fun, the effect can be easily customized to adjust the experience.

Dia de los Muertos — ThreeJS

The ThreeJS experiments by Ricardo Oliva Alonso are still ongoing… and are amazing! This time, he created a fantastic demo with an Ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos.

The CSS Sun

Failed experiment or touch of genius? Whatever it was, Ben Evans’s animated demo of the sun –coded for a larger project involving a music video– is beautiful. And it is simply incredible that it is coded just in HTML and CSS.

Bat Orb

This animated demo by Amanda may be a bit rough around the edges, but the result is cute and fun. Cute CSS Art involving animals? I’m sold. That bat has something captivating around it.

Super Mario (KiKaGiGa)

BlurSoulx shares beautiful CSS Art on their CodePen profile. This minimalistic Mario is one of the demos from October, and it is simple but at the same time so detailed. Plus, the texture takes the drawing to another level.


Another Three.js demo, this time by Paul. These elements traveling through a tube, may not be cute, but it brought back memories of biology documentaries and old medical videos.

Flashing Laser Sparks

I included this Jane Ori demo in a list of divtober demos, but it must be one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a long time… and to think that it is just a single div. 🤯

Sunday CSS #12

Possibly, it was the influence of divtober, but this month’s list has more CSS art demos than usual (this is the last one). This beautifully animated demo by Julia Miocene is so smooth and hypnotizing. Will the noodles ever end?


Matthias Hurrle’s demo needs a motion warning. But the three-dimensional effect it achieves is amazing. The shadows are so nicely done that they provide the animation of an incredible depth even with all the movement going on.


As part of Mathtober 2023, Tom Hinton created this generative art demo with triangles and squares that move across the screen producing a repeating visual effect. Warning: motion and flashing colors.

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