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JavaScript Developer Tools

Errors in the browser are not visible to developers. But there's one specific tool that developers use to debug Javascript errors called the console.

How to Open the Console

To open a ready-made developer environment or console, use either of the following keyboard short cut.

  • Ctrl + Shift + I (Chrome and Firefox)
  • F12 (Chrome and Firefox)
  • Ctrl + Shift + J (Chrome)
  • Cmd + Opt + J for Mac (Chrome)
  • Ctrl + Shift + K (Firefox)
  • Cmd + Opt + K for Mac (Firefox)
  • Preference - Advanced - click the check box at the bottom (Show Developer menu in menu bar) - Cmd+ Opt+ C for Mac (Safari)

To insert multiple lines on the console, press Shift + Enter. And click Enter to execute the code.

Besides the tedious entering of the Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut to escape a new line, whenever a variable, function, etc was declared from a previous program, it gets cached in the browser console. This means anytime the same declared variable is used (even after clearing the console Ctrl + L), an error message is printed out in the console (except the browser is refreshed Ctrl + R).

These issues are prevented by making use of a reliable text editor like Visual Studio Code.

Happy Coding!!!

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