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JavaScript Engines

JavaScript is executed on any device that has a special program called JavaScript or ECMAScript engine. The engine renders web pages to the DOM (Document Object Model) for easier interaction between the browser and the user.

The engine is also called JavaScript Virtual Machine because it executes code in an environment independent of the platform.

ECMAScript is the standardized specification of JavaScript. It contains the most in-depth detailed information about JavaScript

There are different JavaScript engine codenames based on the browser. For example, in Chrome and Opera, it is V8; in Firefox, it's Spider Monkey, in Internet Explorer, it's Chakra, in Microsoft Edge, it's ChakraCore, in Safari, it's Nitro and SquirrelFish, etc.

JavaScript is a unique programming language because it has full integration with HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). It is also by default supports all major browsers.

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