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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Do your friends want to learn to code?

Just curious, who out there have friends who don't code and are curious? What is stopping them if they haven't gotten into it yet?

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Juan F Gonzalez

I have a friend that's more of an industrial engineer. He has seen the stuff I do for work, has been curious about the things that can be done with coding, and how startups are more tech-oriented lately.
Still, he doesn't think coding is for him and he prefers to be in the more managerial, talking to people, running operations and such.

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Ken Bellows • Edited

Time constraints, other hobbies getting in the way. A good friend is exactly the kind of person who I think would be awesome at the abstract logical thinking and problem solving needed to be good at programming, and he's expressed interest, but he never ends up prioritizing it above all of his other favorite things. And fair enough, no reason he has to code

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Mike Ekkel

My fiancΓ© has been wanting to get into coding for quite some time now. Time is a big factor, as you might expect, but simply not knowing where to start is probably the biggest reason. Which, for the most part, I can understand as I was facing the exact same issue when I first started out. You'd think I have some sort of a guideline to help her out and point her in the right direction but even I struggle to point to something that's small enough to get started with but also challenging enough.

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holly boyles

I wish I did have friends that wanted to learn to code! It gets lonely over here. :/

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Ben Halpern

I know what you mean, I have pretty much no personal friends who code!

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Mike Rogers • Edited

All my friends want to learn a little bit of code to help them with their jobs, not like "I want to code full time" more "I want to do a little python to make this spreadsheet quicker".