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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Non-CS degree holders, what did you study in college?

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Aaron McCollum

I studied Sports Management and a minor in Spanish! I spent several years working in the front office of pro sports teams in DC before moving to tech start-ups.

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Miss Nβ€πŸ‘‘

Bachelor of science(physical science) but hoping to get into tech so I am learning on my own.

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Sarah Rivera

I got my BS in Environmental Science, my Masters in Elementary Education. Worked as a public school teacher for a few years before finding my passion for coding.

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Nik Payton

B.A. in Music and 25 years later a B.Sc. in Music/Entertainment Business.

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Sarah Dye

I studied Middle Childhood education in college. After college, I got my masters in special education.

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kristin ides

Liberal Studies with an emphasis in journalism!

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Nicki (she/her)

Late to the party, but still adding mine to the mix:
Japanese studies (aka Japanology) as a major and business administration as a minor πŸ˜„

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Dolamu Asipa

Bsc. in Accounting.

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ender minyard

Applied Math! Still took CS courses for electives.

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Airlines Business management. Glad, I didn't stay long on that path.

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Chris Anderson

Not sure if this counts, but I have both an associate's and bachelor's degrees in Information Technology. There were programming courses in the curriculum. I initially had a career as an IT Manager but decided I preferred writing code and made the change.

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Molly Struve πŸ¦„ (she/her)

Aerospace Engineering πŸš€

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Andrew Baisden

Wow so you worked on the development of aircraft and spacecraft. The perfect field for a programmer. Reminds me of the NASA Perseverance rover which just landed on Mars and all of the programming that it must have taken to get it there.

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Surprised to see that I'm the first music major to respond. When I started I thought I would be unique for my background. Turns out it's pretty common for music majors to pivot to a career that actually provides sustainable income (unless you're a symphony musician, but that's not most of us). Music can still be what I do in my free time, but I need something else to pay the bills!

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I studied Social Work in college and have worked primarily in Government & non-profit industries

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sheriffderek • Edited

My official degree is BFA: "Bachelor of Fine Arts." But it hasn't helped me to tell anyone that. In fact, I got more jobs when I took it off my resume. I studied painting and printmaking at CCA(C) in Oakland, CA.