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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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What is the hardest part about programming?

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Actually finding something that you really want to work on. Once you get a bit of a tailwind and you actually want to build something, you'll get out of tutorial hell because you actually have to code to build the thing.

Finding the thing you want to build tho... really hard.

noviicee profile image

Fixing a bug which is never found :')
(Shall we turn them into features? :D :D)

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Jessie Rohrer

Breaking out of tutorial hell. Or trying to find consensus on a given topic ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Ben Halpern

Oh yes. That is hard.

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Remco Boerma

Communicating and validating customer expectations.

Anything curly-braces-based is the next worst thing for me.

Another big pain is proper distributed cache invalidation, have I struggled with that!

tarynmcmillan profile image
Taryn McMillan

I find that you need have a lot of endurance as a programmer. On days when I'm tired or just not feeling it, it can be hard to slog through debugging.

peeyou profile image

Naming Variables.

eeyore_8 profile image
Estelle Orr

For me its been
1-Getting started,
2-finding a path to stay on when learning on ones own (how do I get from point A to point B) - I know that no path is static and its always possible to take a side path or tangent but having a general idea of the steps would be help in figuring out what to learn next

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Jonathan Yeong

The amount of things to learn out there! I continually battle with the feeling that my knowledge is going out of date.

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Sarah Dye

There's so many different directions a programmer can take. So it can be rather confusing knowing what is the best step each programmer can take. So for new programmers it can feel overwhelming since there's so many language to learn and tools to use that it is hard to decide where to focus. Then when a programmer does decide where to focus, it can often be followed with some second guessing.

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Stephanie Back

Stackoverflow. It is very overwhelming as new developer but once you choose the right keywords in your Google search; Stackoverflow is an amazing resource.

Error Codes. This ties in with the keyword Google search posts below. It is crucial to read your error codes in totality and Google accordingly. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to find the solution and sometimes it's as simple as adding a "." where a ":" was needed.

Also if anyone is hoping to learn some basic computer science concepts; there is a wonderful podcast called Base.cs!

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Steve Nyholm

When you need to build a feature that doesn't match the default way your framework was designed to be used.

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John Stewart

Hardest part for me is trying not to get overwhelmed and burning myself out

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Ayu Adiati

Understanding concepts.
Sometimes my mind just shut down ๐Ÿ™ˆ

luiscastillokc profile image
Luis Castillo

I agree with @afif google search skill.

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Temani Afif

Finding the right keywords for your google search ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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Ben Halpern

Especially if you're using a language like "p" ๐Ÿ˜„