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What is Mod App or Apk? Should we use it?

Friends, you must have heard the word mod app or apk many times and you must have heard about many such applications which are mod. Like PicsArt mod app, Kinemaster mod app or any famous game, you must have heard a lot about its mod app.

Today we are going to tell you what is mod app? Should we use it? Or is mod apk safe for us or not? Today we are going to give you the answers to all these questions.

Be it any application, whether it is facebook, kinemaster or whatever the app is, when we download them, they have an apk file saved in our device. The developer or company making any app gives some features in its app which are premium for which we have to pay.

There are some developers who specialize in development, who know how to develop apps. They have detailed information about everything, they can modify any application.

What is a mod app and app?

Mod app means modified app or modded app. This mod apk is a modified version of the original apk. The applications which are difficult to use or in which the features are either paid or are very few, such apps are modified by the developer. Those which are difficult to use make them easy and those that are paid provide them for free.

As you must have seen that there are some apps like PicsArt, all the advance versions of these applications are paid, which we have to buy by paying money. Now not everyone can buy these applications and if we download them from play store then we do not get their premium features for free.

In such a situation, there are some developers who make changes in these applications and modify them. And the developers break the lock that is in them, due to which premium features are turned on. Now even those normal people are able to use those premium features and that too without paying anything.

Not only premium features, but as we mentioned above, even those applications which are not easy to use, they also make them easy. The applications that come with very few features add extra features to them.

You must have seen that when you search about whatsapp or instagram in play store, then you get to see other similar app. All this is only a modified app. Which a developer has modified and added some extra features to them.

Is it illegal to use Mod app?

See friends, the simple answer is, whenever a company makes a thing or a product, it has the copyright of that company. If we are making this post then we have copyright on it. If someone uses any of my things without permission then it is illegal. I can also take legal action against that person.

Companies can also take legal action but they do not take any action on the user. Because there are millions of users, in such a situation, legal action cannot be taken against so many people. However, companies can trace you and your IP address and some other details are also saved on the website from which you have downloaded that app. They can also take legal action if they want, but it is not possible to take action on so many people.

Companies take action against the developers who have created and modified these applications. Can take legal action on the website that places such apps on its site. So yes, mod apps are illegal but not for users, only for those who make them or sell them on their sites for their own benefit.

Is it safe to use Mod app?

See friends, mod apps are not safe at all as far as safety comes. Because who will you catch if something happens tomorrow? It will be as if you are using a stolen phone and if you do any harm from it, then it will be your responsibility. The first thing is that someone else's thing has been modified by someone else and the fourth is someone who is selling it for your own benefit and you are using it. Just think for yourself whether it is safe or not.

If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, if you tell something about such apps in your article or your video, then you may have to face loss. You can also get copyright and any action can be taken against you.

Same if you download any app from play store then it is completely safe. Google first checks whether this application is safe or not. If an application is not safe, then Google does not approve it on its Play Store. There are many criterias, only after passing which an application comes in the Play Store.

Bottom Line

One more thing we would like to tell you that no matter who is a company or a developer, they modify or make these apps for their own benefit. There is definitely some benefit hidden inside him. Why would anyone do good work when he is not getting anything from him?

It is our job to tell right and wrong, whether to use it or not is your responsibility!

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Gochi Sen

Hey, do you know Mod is a modified version of original Apps or games which can be modified different person who knows coding, etc. And there are types of developers like god and bad. And we should only use the good one like

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But i don't think mod apk is safe for normal user that can harm aur phone and data.

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